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December 20 2004 Exclusive: Allyson's report from the set of the "The Inside". "This is what I've always wanted to do, even more than spaceships and vampires."

The ME offices to be torn down? Joss' old office gone? Shouldn't they be kept as a national monument? I find this very sad.
Yay Tim! I hope this gets a chance, because it sounds like it will be very good.
Lioness, I'm also sad about this.

But, right on, Tim. May his show triumph.
I forgot to mention in the piece that Tim has the gigantic Wolfram & Hart sign in his office.
Pilot for ABC? Any more word on that? And will The Inside be airing on a Thursday in March? Must stop with the question marks.
Thanks, Allyson. Is there a broadcast date/time for this show yet? I already have Veronica Mars on Tue and looking forward to Point Pleasant on Thurs.

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Hey Simon, I think it's a romantic comedy. Will probably know more when Kristen does a full interview in the new year. Unknown to me what day the pilot will air. I think they wrap shooting it on Wednesday, but I could be off my rocker.

I was tired and it turns out I was coming down with this awful cold, so I apologize for not asking the millions of questions I should have.
Shhhh you, you did a superb job. I've been waiting ages to read a Tim Minear interview and I'm watching 'Home' at the moment so your interview was very timely.

A romantic comedy? Very nice. I would look forward to seeing that on the telly.

And in case anyone was wondering why the title kept changing, something was causing merry hell with the RSS feed. Took me ages to figure out what it was, all fixed now.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-12-20 23:41 ]

It`s sad to read that about Sunnydale´s sets.
I don't think the timeslot has been decided yet. I imagine that, sometime after the New Year, they'll make their Spring programming decisions and announcements will be made.
I too am sad about the building being torn down. I always used to hear about how they weren't proper studios, just an old warehouse and the locals always complained about everyone parking in the street 'cos the parking lot was a cemetary...

But it should be saved! They could open "Buffyworld"! A fun day for the family! Eat in the school canteen (avoid the jello), visit Spike's crypt! Walk down Sunnydale Main Street! A coffee at the Expresso Pump! Stock up on crossbows and freaky hunting knives at the sports shop, pop into the Magic Box for a mummy hand (Allow several hours for that one), the list is endless!

Where do we start the petition?

Ah well, at least I got to see it. From the outside. At a distance. I should have taken a souvineer. A clump of grass, some gravel, that Lexus...
That would be a blast if they made a Buffy Theme World and it was on the actual set!!! I'd love to go to the Magic Box or visit Buffy's home! How cool would it be to sit on Giles' couch or Angel's place(s)! Hang out at the Bronze and have a drink or two while some young, up and coming band performs! Love that idea ZZ9!
I like that Tim has a bottle of Holy water on his desk - just in case a few too many blood-sucking TV suits try to interfere too much!
TimMinearesque website will be coming in a few years, the next Joss. :D

But really, he's a good talent, this show seems very cool, I can't wait.
The idea of a Buffyland is brilliant except for one thing, the fans (flans ?) would never leave, they would never be able to tear themselves away.

If there also where some Buffy, Angel, Spike characters walking around, acting out some scenes from the show, guaranteed mayhem.
I forgot the Bronze! Hear local bands! Play pool! The onion thing!

The thing that really suprised me was how visible the outside set is (was?) from outside. A big freakin main road runs right past and you can't miss the sets, you just look to the side and oh hey, it's Sunnydale Main street.

I guess if you live in LA you get blase about these things.
Like the idea of actors acting out the roles but wouldn't it be fun if the fans could dress up as the characters and act out a scene!! Sigh, too bad it's never gonna happen!

Every time I watch Firefly I think it would be so cool (if I was rich) to build a "house" that was an exact replica of the Serenity ship! Your "garage" door could be the cargo bay opening and that's where you park your car. Or that would be one heck of a cool great room! Everyone would have their own little room with a toilet and sink that disappears into the wall and a nice suite of guest rooms for all your friends that you know are going to want to stay with you! You wouldn't need a doctor so Simon's lab would have to be the laundry room!

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2004-12-21 21:09 ]
Wow, Blwessels, you really are a flanatic! But that would be super shiny. Damn, why can't we all be rich so we can build houses like that, or Buffy theme parks like zz9 suggested? These ideas totally made my day.
I know!! Before Firefly, I wanted Buffy's house but the Serenity ship would be so cool to live in!!

Hee hee, I just picture those interviews people give when they win money and their asked what they'll do with the money and most say "I'm going to donate to charity!" and if I won and they asked me the first thing I'd say is "I'm gonna build me a space ship to live in!! Shiny!!"

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2004-12-21 21:27 ]
LOL. If I ever win the lottery, I will definitely say "I'm gonna build me a space ship to live in, a space ship like the one in the hit movie "Serenity", written and directed by Joss Whedon. In theaters September 30th." And I'll probably say shiny alot too. Man, wouldn't that be fun.
Browncoats everywhere would get it and rejoice!! Everyone else would just look at us like we're nuts - sad, ignorant people that they are.
Okay, planning (zoning) regulations becoming a problem....

"You want planning permission? Okay, let's have a look at your blueprints and OH MY GOD!"

One small suggestion Flanatic, make sure your garden path does NOT stray too close to the engines. We don't want anyone ingested!
Love the theme world idea. I have the ideal location and there would be enough room to have Buffy, Angel, and Firefly in one place:

Euro Disney had to refinance again last week, as it’s still loosing money, lets kick the little rat out and replace it with something people really want!

What? You can’t have everything in LaLa Tinseltown.
I feel a bit guilty as we seem to have hijacked the ‘Inside’ post.

So SeanValen – in a few years how about a where he broadcasts to the faithfull five times a day from on high?
One small suggestion Flanatic, make sure your garden path does NOT stray too close to the engines. We don't want anyone ingested! zz9

Hmm, that could take care of pesky, unwanted guests! Could hang a sign out "Solicitors, Religious Fanatics and certain in-laws, take this path!"

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