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December 20 2004

Whedon WONDER WOMAN A Weality?? Herc reports on the Whedon Wonder Woman rumor and even has a few actresses of his own who he thinks should play the Amazon Warrior.

His take on Charisma.
"Charisma Carpenter (34), the tallest of the Scooby girls at 57 and change, has big American breasts, and to me looks more like Wonder Woman than any of these movie actresses."

I'm with Summer... give me Gina Torres as Wonder Woman!
"58 'Serenity' star Summer Glau"?

Summer is that tall?

I had no idea. She seemed so petite to me.
I'd love to see Gina Torres in the role. She comes across as a very powerful woman.
Summer is very small. Maybe 5'3? I'm 4'10 and she's not that much taller than I. Certainly not 5'8.
You woman are too short. I'm 6'1 and still growing. However, I do love Charisma's "Big American Breast" so I'd choose her as Wonder Woman.
HELP JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please give us a hint if this is true or not? Cause I would rather hear more of what your doing then have everyone running around stirring up the same rumor. This news feels like a tennis match - AICN lobs it, and then TV Guide backhands it back, then AICN slams another shot back. How many of these are we going to read with hope only to realize it's the same thing with a different name.
I actually heard Joss' next project is to help me remodel my bathroom. Hey, it's as good a guess as any. And I have big American breasts, if that helps...
I think out of any of those Charisma would be the best choice for Wonderwoman. I don't really care that much about project, so if, in the end neither her or Joss is involved, I definitely won't be going to see it.

If Joss is involved as much as they're saying he's going to be, I'll be there opening day.

If Joss isn't but Charisma is, well Charisma's hot, so I'll definitely watch it at some point.

Still, not sure whether it's likely the two of them would work together again, think I read somewhere that the reason Joss didn't direct "You're Welcome" was because Charisma didn't want to be directed by him. Though I did hear that he left some flowers in her dressing room/trailer that day, so maybe things are better between them.
I like big American breasts Rogue Slayer.;)
Think the whole "who doesn't get along with whom" discussion has been done to death already in this thread.

Would've guessed CC was taller than 5'7 - but then, she did wear those kick-ass heels the whole time. My vote is for Gina Torres - but, frankly, this project interests me not at all right now, and only some exciting speculation as to how Joss will revamp and revivify it will make me change that tune.
Idly wonders if Bryan Hitch has anything to do with this.
Well, me and my big double D's were offended by that remark!! Well, not really! Anyway, Nicole Kidman!?!!!! She is so far away from the look and she looks like she'd literally snap in two if she got tangled up with that golden lasso (or whatever it's called).

Said it before, like CC, just don't think she could carry a movie. I feel she's good at the comedy but that's about it and everything I've seen her in she basically comes across as Cordelia. Now, if the movie is more of a comedy, I could see her in it with a strong supporting cast but if it's darker - no way. But if JW is in charge and that's who he picks, I'll go and see it and love to be proved wrong.

Honestly don't think he'd chose anyone from the Buffyverse just because he's already so associated with that.

If this turns out to be true, I'm sure Joss will do an excellent job with it. Have my doubts still it's true because of the way the rumors tend to go all over the internet as truth. TV Guide has seemed to be accurate on these types of stories in the past.

(formerly blwessels)

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this is totally off topic, sorry, but why does soddingnancytribe show up as blue on my screen? are you a VIP????

our illustrious leaders are golden yellow. so far the only blue folks have been the likes of joss, etc.

what gives?
SNT is a mod now. Why he's blue and not yellow, dunno.
leenah, I can't comment on the blueness, but I refer you to the thread linked in my post above in answer to the rest of your question. I am not, alas, a VIP except in my very own small circles of acquaintances, among whom I am a god.

That last part was a joke.
Yellow = admin (gets to do tech stuff behind the scenes)
Blue = mod (just, um, mods)
White/periwinkle/purple, depending on the monitor you have = VIP

We need to fix this. Over Christmas, when it's quiet, I will experiment with colours.
Oh, so SNT's 'just a mod'...*shakes head*.....

Morena Baccarin is brazilian?!! Why wasn't I informed? :O *is filled with national pride*
YES YES YES - Gina Torres as Wonder Woman!!!!!!!
TV Guide has seemed to be accurate on these types of stories in the past.

Not really. They reported the X-Men rumor which Joss later said he wasn't approached for. When and only when this shows up in Variety will I believe it.
I vaguely remember watching the WW TV series as a child but the only thing I can really remember (except for that costume and the way LC filled it, including one scene involving her hanging upside down from the ceiling that was very..... interesting. But not nearly is interesting as the out takes might have been!) is that she just did as she was told by her (male) boss. Not a very empowering message. Maybe I remember it wrong but I always thought she was a superhero who did it as a 'job' rather than a calling.
Yes, Morenna is Brazillian, Carioca if I'm not mistaken from a Playboy interview with her which transcript link was posted in here a while ago....

The most Diana-ish character from the list? Charisma, definetely.GIve her a longer hair and the look from You're Welcome, voila: we have Wonder Woman. Though I wished to see Catherine Zeta Jones as Hyppolita, that'd be another looker.

I just can't trust Warner execs well enough to handle their DC Comics characters, even when handled to trutful hands. I know how Nolan's Batman Begins is sounding better than all that Schumacker mess, and even better than Burtons movies, depending on where you stand. I know that news on Brian Singer's + JJ Abrams script on Superman might sound better than well Superman III and IV. But after that huge Catwoman fiasco (you could tell it would be bad from the first pic), and those lame Green Lantern and SUpergirl rumours and that first rumour on Abrams' Superman script, it just get really hard to swallow when you're a huge DCU fan: I do trust Joss, a lot, really a lot, but I'm afraid that Warner execs won't even have to do a lot of effort to screw things up, even if he is really the man who's gonna do it.

Not that I'm saying that everything has been roses when it concerns on how Marvel characters have been handled on the big screen. But at least in some ground, recent movies with Marvel characters have tried to stick with enough basic info to make them faithful, but did try to make them cinematic. Sometimes worked, sometimes shamelesly failed.

So it seems I'm not paying that much attention to every thread, so kinda missed Simon annoucing SNT as a new mod. Congrats dude. Personally, hope I don't get too much work for you.

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There are sooooooo many actresses in Hollywood, I don't understand why everyone is obsessed with picking among Whedon-alums for this role. Joss has stated that a movie is work, not a party at his house for his friends. He'll go with the actress that he thinks is best - and that the studio agrees to - and we can all just hope those are the same person.

Look at the FIREFLY cast - who would've thought previously that Nathan Fillion could be a leading man, or Summer Glau an action hero? Joss will manage to surprise us all, I'm sure.
Lucy Lawless- perfect WWW - she can act, she's got bulk (!) and height and action/comedy/drama combinations are her forte! The perfect package!
I firmly believe Wonder Woman, much like Superman, has to be played by a relative unknown. Otherwise, I have a feeling people will look at the title character and think "That's so-and-so in a Wonder Woman costume", rather than "That's Wonder Woman."
Id say someone like Jennifer Connelly would be a pretty good fix, great actress (The Hulk aside) with a killer body and someone who looks as if in good fighting shape. Also could go b/t WW and her alter ego. Thats me though, I dont want some super model actress wanna be. I like Kate Beckinsale already done so many these type movies.
As far as I am concerned Charisma is the only choice for this role....CC is number one, everyone else is two or greater!

[ edited by Simpleba on 2004-12-21 04:35 ]
Jennifer Connelly would be a HORRIBLE casting decision. So would Kate Beckinsale. I'm fairly confident -- no, CERTAIN -- that Joss will cast an ACTRESS and not a STROKE-WORTHY CUT OUT.
I'm fairly certain we don't need to get into a shouting match about, of all things, casting decisions. Particularly as there are no such decisions yet, and may not ever be, from Joss's point of view.

Speculation is fun, but insults directed at other people's choices - not so much. (At least, I'm presuming "stroke-worthy cut out" is insulting, since I'm not familiar with the expression myself . . .)
Wow, yeah, there isn't even an official movie yet and even if there is to be one, no one knows who will be cast. It could be someone nobody's ever heard of. It's fun to speculate but it's a bit silly to take it so seriously.
I would def. agree everyone entitled to give who they think would be a right fit. I dont agree with many given myself, i do agree that if the rumors are true Joss will pick someone who will be outstanding, and i am one voting that if given the opportunity he passes it up.
Personally I'm sick of people getting cast for classic characters that don't resemble them in looks and type even with the wardrobe/make-up transformations. Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock? Keanu Reeves as Constantine? I can only watch that if I completely ignore the notion that they are supposed to be familliar and just accept them as entirely new characters.

(And I like Jennifer Garner, but would it kill them to at least die her hair black?)

The X-Men movies pulled off decent presentations in their choices. Hey even small parts. Colossus actually was a huge, beefy, gentle black-haired guy. They didn't even cast Tom Cruise as Wolverine, (Note sarcasm) and I'd say Hugh worked out fine.

If Joss is going to do it, and do it as the character has been known to be, then apart from Lucy Lawless, everyone mentioned here would be way off. And if he wants to go a new direction and go with a blond or black WW, (interesting 'greek goddess' I'd say) that's fine but I'll just have to accept it as a whole new project/character and see how that goes.

Ah let's face it, we'd see it as a new Whedon project and take it as it comes anyway. I just have a hard time seeing how he would find this an interesting character. (I know he's mentioned Iron man, Power man and Black Widow as superheroes besides X-Men he'd like a crack at but never WW) And if he has an interesting angle on it, if the studios would actually let him do it how he wants it.

So far still in 'rumor box' for me.... And the man himself has of course, yet to speak.... You out there Joss? You reading our ramblings? Juuust wondering;-)
EdDantes - good to see at least one other vote for LL. Go Lucy! Still the project as a whole still worries me but - if anyone can, the Jossieman can!
I didn't mean to get all loud-mouthy. I apologize. I think Joss is the last American filmmaker I can trust. Wes Anderson made an unendurable film this year, and Alexander Payne made one even worse. So... my trust is with him.
Okay, to all the Gina Torres comments as wonder woman....WTF? Gina looks NOTHING like WW.

And, on this whole Joss being involved, I'm still iffy on the whole thing. I mean, it'd be great to see him involved in it...but I just dunno if I believe that he will be.
If this rumor proves to be true, there are plenty of actresses outside the buffyverse Joss could choose from. I think Lucy Lawless would be a good choice. Right build with those piercing blue eyes. I was going to suggest Eliza Dushku, but when I googled her, they had her height at 5'5. She seemed much taller than that. Must be the heels.
I personally think the characters Joss created on Angel and Buffy, just seem more interesting then Wonderwoman, Buffy especially, I hope he doesn't get tied to these big studio comic book films, rather he did an Angel film, I'm a bit bias that way, his creations are alot better then alot of comic book characters I say, not all of them, but stuff like Wonderwoman isn't worth his time, if he's doing Wonderwoman, then that makes me sad, Fox and Joss didn't do Xmen 3 together, I could live with Xmen and Joss, those characters are just huge, and he put his mark on the comics.

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Actually, there are some interesting parallels between Wonder Woman and Buffy:

Both were created by men as a feminist statement.

Both drew on mythological influences to create a whole new mythology.

Both are known for having an equal number of male and female antagonists.

Both use copious amounts of bondage imagery in their stories.

Of course, in Buffy it's usually men in submissive roles, while Marston liked to put women in chains any time he could. (I mean in his stories.) (I think.)

As for the actresses, Charisma looks the part, but the moment she opens her mouth, the illusion would be broken. Joss tends to favor petite women in his shows (he initially rejected Amber Benson for Tara, because she was the wrong body type), so I don't think there are many actresses he's worked with before that would work. Gina Torres could play Phillipus (indeed she may have been born to play that role), but frankly I don't think color-blind casting is the way to go when it comes to Diana. James Marsters would make a good Ares.
Simon, I don't get your Bryan Hitch comment? He is a great artist though....
Bryan Hitch said in a recent interview:

"I've also had some very early talks with the just sickeningly talented Joss Whedon about Something Wonderful".

Note the two words "Something Wonderful".
Now that you mention it, I do remember that interview.
I thought he was talking about a Womder Woman comicbook BUT this makes a lot of sense. Hitch has mentioned in other interviews that he is a big fan of Hollywood costume designer Bob Ringwood's work and sited the 1984 DUNE move as inspiration for a lot of the costume design on THE ULTIMATES. It seems like Mr. Hitch as an interest in TV/film as I "think" he has consulted for the new Dr.Who "relaunch".

So having Bryan Hitch involved with a possible Joss Whedon directed Wonder Woman movie is a VERY good guess.

But then what do I know....
"I firmly believe Wonder Woman, much like Superman, has to be played by a relative unknown. Otherwise, I have a feeling people will look at the title character and think "That's so-and-so in a Wonder Woman costume", rather than "That's Wonder Woman."

^^I totally agree. I refused to see Catwoman because Hallie Berry was in it. As much as I love her, you can't have a big name like that as a "larger than life" character (same with Ben Afflick in that dare devil movie).

"Joss tends to favor petite women in his shows (he initially rejected Amber Benson for Tara, because she was the wrong body type"

^^ although this is true, the not-so-petite Riff Regan was originally casted as Willow. So I think even thought writers and casting directers have a good sense of what they want, sometimes you can come across brilliant actresses like Amber and then body-type doesn't become an issue.

I think Wonder Woman has to be played by a very strong woman like Gina Torres because she would be much more believable than someone like Summer Glau. Charisma Carpender would also be perfect for the role because she has that all-american larger-than-life natural beauty and power.
"Big American Breasts" is all I want in a Wonder Woman. That simplifies it.
Shpuldn't Wonder Woaman be "all greek"?
Well, I'm half greek and I don't think Linda Carter looked like any greek woman I know. Morena has more of the mediteranian look to her than any of the Whedonverse actors. Still think if this rumor is true that it will most likely be an unknown who's picked. Does anyone remember that Wonder Woman movie that was on before Linda Carter became WW? It had Cathy Lee Crosby in it and she was blonde, very light skinned and rather scrawny looking.
Does anyone remember that Wonder Woman movie that was on before Linda Carter became WW? It had Cathy Lee Crosby in it and she was blonde, very light skinned and rather scrawny looking.

Ah yes, I remember Cathy Lee Crosby. Wasn't she a professional tennis player?

Nobody has mentioned yet that in the TV show Debra Winger played Wonder Woman's sister - named Drusilla. Is this where Joss Whedon got the name from?
This is from an old thread but here is SMG from her WW skit a few years ago:

Sorry but I just can't see her in this role at all - not from lack of acting ability (because I think she is a good actress, before anyone pounces!) but just from bulk, or rather, lack of it! WW has got to have heft, regardless of anything else!
Drusilla's name is probably a historical reference. The Roman emperor Caligula had a sister named Drusilla, with whom he had an incestuous relationship. I always thought that it was a very fitting name for Dru, due to her relationship with Angelus. It's very unlikely that Drusilla was her real name, because I doubt any proper Victorian would name their child something with those sort of connotations. Plus, all the rest of that vampirical line had changed their names so she probably did too.

And now I'm starting to think weird things if Wonder Woman had a sister named Drusilla...
'Course if the rest of the movie's cast were equally small people, I guess everything would work out in scale......

I often wonder where Joss came up with such unusual names for his characters. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike and Drusilla. But with an imagination like his, that was most likely the easy part.

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