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December 23 2004

End of year praise for Astonishing X-Men. Joss Whedon's comic book gets the number two slot in a Cinescape readers' 'Best of 2004' poll. And vote for Astonishing X-Men in the 'Wizard Fan Awards'.

I am not big on buying comic books, I've only bought two which were the Buffy ones:

Blood of Carthage
Ring of Fire

So I am really uninformed when it comes to the comic book world. I am thinking of ordering this Astonishing X-Men Gifted. If I understand correctly Gifted contains the first 6 installments of the Astonishing X-Men series? Is this the complete series or is Joss still writing more?

PS - since it it the holiday I am going to see family and may not be able to check for answers until Sunday Dec 26th so please don't think I am being rude if there is no response from me.
Passion, "Gifted" contains the first six issues of what'll be a 12-issue run (unless Joss (ohmanihopeso) signs on for more). It's a complete story arc. In my opinion, it started off a mite slow, but really picked up and is well worth the purchase.

Just got #7 yesterday, which starts off a new arc. So good that when I finished the last page, I flipped back to the front and read it again.
I'm in the same boat. Not much of a comic book reader, but I'm interested due to the positive "admends" from this room. I'll give it a read.
Thanks RambleOn623 - I will order it. ANd if I like it I'll keep on going.

Now it's off for the holidays. Happy Holidays everyone at Whedonesque!
Far as I am concerned more people buying Astonishing X-Men the better. It's among his very best work and he sure is thrilling the X fans.

And after (spoilers for the seventh issue) .

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