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December 23 2004

Lorne's Polka Dot Shirt on Ebay. It says that it's from several episodes, but I don't recognize it. Currently $207.50.

Another thing I won't be buying.

Me neither...I've unloaded lots of dough on DVDs, books, etc., but these collectibles are, for me at least, way out of hand.
So what do people do with collectors items like this? Do they wear it or frame it or what?
Maybe they use it as a halloween costume.
I have the blue shirt that Gunn wore in the Home episode and a gold Sean John shirt that he wore in a couple of episodes before the Home episode. I have them displayed in my cabinet that I keep all of my Buffy and Angel memorabilia.
We have a couple of items...Buffy's papertowel holder we use because we needed one anyway. We use her glasses for booze...We have Giles' painting hanging up in our study. We use Spike's footlocker as a speaker stand and storage. We currently have a bunch of clothes tossed on the library chair we bought. We like utilitarian things...

But if we had clothes, I don't think we'd wear them. (I'm ignoring the fact that I'm a zillion times bigger than any of the girls on the show...)
I have a Wesley shirt made of flannel which I've worn once or twice. I don't wear my Giles demon hooves (they're a bit large on me), though I have tried them on! I don't use any of the other Buffy/Angel items I've gotten. I have read the Space: 1999 books I got on eBay, though...carefully!
Gaudior - And its probably so hard to find a demon hoof suitable venue too although you could probably blend in well at political conventions - of course theirs are real!
Just an FYI....this shirt was worn by Lorne at least once in the episode "Time Bomb" (in Season 5) while he is tracking Illyria.
I got one of the gold faces that hung on the walls of the Magic Box.There were at least four of them. I have it hanging up in my guest bedroom but it freaks many people out - it is a plaster cast of a real face, painted gold and it looks as though the eyes will open at any time.

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