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December 23 2004

Buffy RPG Character Journal preview. Unlike the last preview for Eden Studios' official BTVS Roleplaying Game, this page to write in a game character's possessions will be of little interest to non-gamers. It is a right pretty page though, with a relevant quote and picture and all. 101k .pdf file.

It is a pretty thing, I like seeing Buffyverse products that differentiate from the norm. That and my knowledge of RPGs has improved slightly since I've been playing KOTOR and the Baldur's Gate video games. So I actually understand what Base Damage is.
Yummy RPG goodness :) Can't wait to pick this up.
I wish a game company (like, oh, Bethesda) would create a PC RPG that takes place in the Buffyverse. Maybe play one of the Slayers created in "Chosen", where you can develop your Slayer powers, or learn magic from a witch-type person, if you wanted to.
GTA: Sunnydale?
Hehe. Clem, in his beetle, falls victim to a car jacking from a slayer in a hurry to stop the Big Bad.
It's official, mods spend Christmas online.
Well I'm online on Christmas Day so I shall wish you (and everyone else) a Happy Christmas :)

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