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December 24 2004

(SPOILER) Kristin from Eonline chats about a few verse related items. She was chatting about Joss and Wonder Woman, the fate of Tru Calling unaired eps according to Gail Berman, Marti's Point Pleasant and reshoots, as well as Alias and Lost tidbits. Hence the spoiler tag.

Most of it we have heard before at least on the Joss front. Some of the other tidbits might be more of interest. Including the Tru news from Gail and her take on Marti Noxon's new series Point Pleasant.

If Fox shows those Tru Calling episodes, I'll eat my hat. DVD release only, me thinks.
Judging from sales of the first season DVD, I doubt we'll even see that. Which is a shame because I wanted to see what Jane could do with this show. Really looking forward to 'Point Pleasant'. Interesting theme. Could it be possible that TV is swinging back towards entertaining dramas? I'm still holding my breath.
Haha, I used to have Wonder Woman underoos too!

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