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December 27 2004

The Top 20 Anticipated Movies of 2005. Serenity is currently at number 8 in this poll at So if that's the movie you're most looking forward to seeing next year, go and vote for it.

There are alot of films on that top 20 that I want to see (sin city, harry potter, batman begins, elektra, willy wonka, fantastic four..just to name a bunch) but I clicked on Serenity because its the one I've been anticipating the longest. With the date moved to september its even longer.

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Lets see what we can do in keeping 'Serenity' in the top five (Hint: There's no limit in how many times you vote).
I will see exactly one movie next year. Maybe many times, but just one.
Serenity is the only one on that list that I want to see. And like Lizard, I anticipate seeing it many times while it's in the theater.
Serenity is the only movie there I really want to see also. September is so far away but I am confident it will be worth the wait.
Not to be blasphemous, but I'm really looking forward to Batman Begins. Batman's probably my first superhero hero (and I'm talking the 60's Adam West version).
I'm looking forward to Batman Begins too, Caroline. Of course, I'm anticipating Serenity more. But I'll be seeing the Batman movie probably on opening weekend. Serenity though, I'll be seeing it probably 50 times in the theater. And speaking as a starving writer, that's saying a lot.
The Batman film looks like a event, because WB have understood the competition for comic book films is big, and they got complacent with bats in the latter 90s, so now, back to business, and boy does it look cool.

But I'm waiting for Senerity as well, Joss always has my vote
Yikes...I may have to eat my words...somebody's making a movie of "A Scanner Darkly"...if it's done well...can hardly imagine it as a movie...we'll see...
Oh, crap, it's starring Keanu Reeves...the likelihood of my seeing it has plummeted.
There are a number of movies that look interesting and that I will probably want to see, but I can honestly vote for Serrenity as the most anticipated film of the year for me.

BTW, it seems like there should be a photo or something available for the movie, doesn't it?
I had to split my vote to King Kong personally.
"Most are givens, although I was pretty surprised to see both CONSTANTINE and SERENITY that high on the list...who knew?"

^^This makes me very happy to know the world is slowly being shocked by the increasing attention that is being given to the movie.
8th place is great considering the lack of awareness in the (non genre fans) public in general about the BDM. Wait until the billboards, the TV spots, the trailers, the chat show appearances by the cast, the magazine articles etc all hit the streets.
Speaking of trailers, wasn't there going to be a trailer attached to Elektra when the BDM was going to come out in April? Is that still happening or do I not have to spend the $10.50 to see it then?
I gather it won't be shown with Elecktra but will be attached to another movie later in the year.
Serenity is still holding at 8th -- a tie for 7th really -- at 8:10 pm EST (minus 5 hrs GMT). And it has a 0.2 of a point lead over a Potter volume. Despite being a film based on a "failed" TV show with no stars, Whedon's love child is a Top 10er. I like that.
Lizard: Check outthis report from the estate of Mr Dick. Despite Keanu, it has potential if you like the other artists involved in the work. Also check out the home page of that site for some interesting PKD tidbits.

(sorry for the thread derail, mods - I just understood Lizard's frustration at the Keanu factor and wanted to alleviate where I could)

Back on topic. I'm halfway through watching all of Serenity, er, Firefly the second time. Gosh it's good. I still want to see Depp as Willy Wonka, though - now there's some good casting. But the movie I really, really want to see from that list is...The Hitchhiker's Guide. Mr Adams (peace be upon him) was the first for me - Mr Whedon is only the latest and, well, until he learns how to hold rock star dinner parties, drink like three fishes in a tidal wave, and take huge, epoch-long baths instead of writing all this amazing stuff - he'll never quite match up.
Well, for me, there are several movies I'd like to see on that list but Serenity is the one I will see, I must see, and will even go and see it on opening night even though I prefer to stay home and wait for most movies to come out on DVD. Had a horrible experience with the teeny bopper crowd for The Grudge when I went and saw that it's opening night but I'm hopeful that the Serenity movie will have a more serious crowd. Of course I'm also planning on seeing it more than once at the theater too because I know I won't be able to see it once and then be patient for the DVD release.

I think our little movie is more well known then most of us realize. There seems to be a lot of Firefly flans out there, and the numbers keep growing.
Uhmm.... im smelling a hit... :D

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