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December 27 2004

(SPOILER) Scan of Serenity preview invitation. Both sides are scanned and include plot description.

I've been to Boing Boing at least three times today, and completely missed that post.
That reminds me - at the screening we had to fill out questionaires about the movie, and it listed all the characters with a brief description. For Inara, the description said "Mal's companion." Veggiebelle and I laughed at that and scratched out the "Mal's".
Caroline, totally off-topic here, but a recent article at U2log seems to indicate that you are also the Caroline of U2log. That's so damn cool! U2 is my gigantic music obsession. Now, if you'd start Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett logs, all my major obsessions would be covered. :)
So they'd only let 15-34 year olds in? Well, that's me out...
how does someone get an invitation to screenings??? i went to that website on the invitation but it wasn't working.... =( i wanted to see Serenity!!!
Some of the passes were handed out at the Northridge Fashion Center and in front of a comic book store(!) prior to that screening.
No one in the entertainment industry was allowed in? Then how did Herc from AICN see the movie?
Because Herc has strange and wonderful powers...
The impression that I got was that a friend of Herc's got ahold of passes and let him have one. He even cut in line ahead of me, that git. :)
Is it really that spoilery? Is it safe for me?

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