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December 14 2002

Buffy: The Animated Series to be aired after all? Marilyn Beck at E! Online says that Fox will premiere the series in January.

This is despite Joss Whedon saying earlier in the year that he could not find a home for it.

All very odd, and I still can't see it being aired.

And add to that Marilyn saying the SMG was voicing on it, which I think has been established throughout everywhere that she wasn't. Well, I suppose we'll see in a few weeks one way or the other.
I posted a query about this on the B C & S spoiler board and a highly reliable poster there said it was dead but that 'Him' was a leftover animated script. Having recently watching that episode I can well believe it, it was very funny but jarred with the rest of the episodes of season 7 so far.
I'll believe it when I see it---didn't Joss already say that the animated series was a 'no go'? Hmmmmm...
Weirdly report that Joss Whedon told Marilyn Beck that it would be aired in January.

Buffy Toon Due Soon?
It seems like Marilyn would have mentioned that Joss told her.
More than likely have got the wrong end of the stick and misinterpreted what she wrote.

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