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December 28 2004

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon interview at Buffy mastermind discusses his Firefly feature film. sits down with Joss to discuss his upcoming film Serenity, and Joss, as always, is unusually charming, witty and good looking.

I'm not really certain if there are any major spoilers in this interview, but I noticed enough tiny little ones while just skimming over it to warrant the spoiler tag. Enjoy, my peoples.
"Are the planets really close together?

Joss: Theyíre really close together. Youíve never seen a planet cluster like this one. Itís a little planet village. If you start asking my science questions Iím going to cry."

Seen much debate elsewhere on that topic. Out of all the set reports with Joss, this was the best and most entertaining.
Planetary distance (or lack thereof) is a plot device - who cares about the science when there are nine incredible people to care about? Otherwise it will the "dumb gypsy curse" scenario all over again (By the way the curse was dumb, not the gypsies - don't want to start that kind of debate!)
Filthy Gypsies *spit*

Good Joss interview.
Fun interview.
Although (and I realize this is nitpicking), I wish would proofread their stuff before they post it.
Joss: "I am totally prepared to go back to TV."

I hope this silences the doomsayers whom keep saying that Joss has turned his back to TV forever. BTW, no real spoilers in this interview. If you read it peeking through your fingers, you'll be OK. And I must agree. That was the best interview I've read in quite awhile. Good find, NekoDono.
eddy - no not filthy gypsies, but filthy curse!
Every time I read something Joss says, I fall in love with him a little more.
The whole spoiler thing is a tricky call, I am trying to remain unspoiled; however most of the posts concerning Serenity have the Spoiler tag on them, so I feel very limited as to which links I can follow or which threads to read.

I was hesitant to read this because of the spoiler tag, but then ÖJoss speaks, so I decided to risk reading it. I didn't see anything really big as far as spoilers go, since the movie is supposed to take place some 6 months or so after the series, and Summer's character was getting better during the series, it makes sense that she would be more active in the movie.

Great interview but I agree with acp - they were a bit sloppy with spelling and punctuation.

I vote yes to wanting to see Adam in a kilt. Hopefully we will get to see this in the next installment of the trilogy, why think small? Quadrilogy!
How does one "burn himself with lemon-juice"?
Well, Joss has always stated he was never too good with math. Maybe the same applies to cooking as well. The man is human after all.......I think ;)
yes, Madhatter, I kind of love the fact that Joss says:
"If you start asking me science questions Iím going to cry."
he is the god of my universe...
but he isn't perfect

And I do hope he gets excited about a TV project soon...
please please please
The most important part of that interview was that HE IS READY TO COME BACK TO TV. Woohoo!
Couple that with the fact that he's "salivating" to work with Eliza D. again...

I'm getting goosebumps!
No, no real spoilers, just plot info involving River. Great interview. And I don't care if Joss ever goes back to TV, just keep writing. No matter what it is, what medium, I'll be there.
Oh, I had to read this article and this thread peeking through my fingers and jumping over text, as I really don't want to be spoiled. But I couldn't NOT read a Joss interview.

Iím perfectly well aware that I can fail. Every time I go into the editing room and look at the footage, I go, ďOh, look at that failure. Cover it up, will you? Cut to something thatís less fail-y.Ē

Love the man. Think I'll adapt this line for grading student papers. "Can you write something that's less fail-y?"
Gypsy - I feel the same way.
I wonder if the actual date of the interview took place before or after Joss announced he was closing his offices and cutting ties with 20th Century Fox Television.
Didn't James Marsters say that Joss writes to points of scaring himself with the risk of failure? Think the proof's in the pudding over that statement. An episode with no dialogue for 31 minutes. Another based totally on dream sequences. And a musical plotted on the characters feelings towards each other. On another TV series, these would be the signs of death of said series. Not Joss though, he took the risks and made the same stereotypes into classics.

I'm also thrilled about Joss' TV statement in case you didn't notice.
killnj I think this was done before the announcement that he was quitting TV for a while.
IMO, we care about planetary distance because we believe in the universe of Serenity. Just as in the worlds of comic books, Dune, and Clavell, the terrific trifecta referenced by Joss, the imagination that shaped these worlds is powerful enough to make us care about - and debate endlessly - such things as whether vampires breathe or the provenance of reavers. These things may be unimportant to the "core" of the work, but they reveal just how deeply it affects us. So, yeah, I want to hear all of it, from characters down to mechanics.

Fine, fine interview. (Although cynical-me reads JW's enthusiasm for a spring opening and then re-reads JW's enthusiasm for a fall opening and *mentally slaps self* - hey, it's all good.) And no, not spoilery at all.
Cool interview. But I'd stake good money that they will have terraformed Mars before Joss gets around to having a day off and playing some golf.
Good interview, although I too hope CHUD can indeed be bothered to spell-check some things next time. Not trying to be snotty but I really had to re-read some lines and decipher some errors before I got the sentence. Come on, guys, you're not interviewing the janitor for the high school paper here.

Anyway, on the planetary distances, yes I too can ponder the details of the universes. (Including vampires' breath and such) and I enjoy that, and can see the seams sometimes, but ultimately it's not important enough to bother me. Maybe the FF galaxy is indeed a cluster of systems that's extraordinarily close together. (Yeah yeah I know about light years. Main point: not important enough. Story and characters are.)

Always interesting to hear of Joss' inspirations. Or the people that apparently make him feel like dung, hehe. Well it's nice to see someone so successfull and so admired for his storytelling skills that still can feel like nothing compared to the people he admires. I think everyone doing anything creative at all should always keep on feeling that. ("I'm so great! I rule! Oh wait, there's the guy I grew up on reading/seeing/watching...he STILL kicks my ass...") Keeps ya grounded and hungry;-)

As for the spring spot; I still don't know what other movies are coming out then, but it obviously changed things. You can't go up against Star Wars III, period. Rest of the summer obviously more big-hitters. Going earlier apparently would've put it up against yet other biguns. Even earlier...well then it should almost open already which I don't think they're ready for. So late/after summer seems the only viable option left. I do agree it still shows that Universal really wants to give Serenity a chance. They're not just dumping it somewhere, which still is a sign of belief from the studio.
I've read some of those questions and answers somewhere before, but the life of me I can't think where. Unsurprising though, considering the interview is obviously old.

Still good though.
I don't want to see the Reavers. I like them better, all non-seen-y. Makes them more creepy. ETA: Then again Joss is God.

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