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December 15 2002

The rise of the McDramas. Why franchise series are on the rise and tv shows (like Firefly) created by drama auteurs are on the wane.

"Franchise series tend to have a significant built-in audience, especially when a show such as ''CSI'' introduces the ''CSI: Miami'' cast in one of its episodes. They're presold, unlike an unusual, genre-twisting series such as ''Firefly.'' A network promotional team faces a hard road bringing viewers to ''Firefly,'' even with the Whedon imprimatur. ''From the maker of'' helps but goes only so far. Whedon's ''Angel'' has a small, loyal viewership more because it's a ''Buffy'' spinoff than because Whedon's name is attached to it. "

Basically, the way its going if you want to watch original and challenging TV shows, you'll have to get cable to watch channels like HBO.

Funny what three years will do to what you know. In '99 no one seemed to care that 'Angel' was a McDrama, no. We (not me included) just wanted to see the continued adventures of Angel, not whining about that fact of the matter. But now we cry over the loss of Firefly to the very being that shows like CSI: Miami and Angel are. Hell, I can't stand either goddamn show! So please, just shut up.
Times change and we must change with the times and why shouldn't fans cry over a show they really like? And even if Angel was a McDrama back then it sure ain't now.
HBO don't impress me much (as Shania Twain would sing). Much of the "challenge" and "originality" I've seen in HBO series appears to be the characters' thrilling freedom to use four-letter words, take their clothes off, and f*** each other forty ways till Friday. Whee!

Whedon & Mutant Enemy are impressive because they've been able to imply most of that without actually shoving it in our faces. Now that is art.
I don't 'get' 6 feet under---I don't see what the big 'ta-do' is all about. *shrugs* 'The Sopranos' jumped the shark, imho---

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