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December 28 2004

Gellar: German interview... new projects and Joss. An interview from SMG's recent promotional visit to Berlin suggesting that 'Southland Tales' will not be her next film... and a question about working with Joss again.

Q4: What will your next project be?
The next thing I'm going to do is a film with Asif Kapadia, the director of 'The Warrior'. Then I'm going to work with Richard Kelly, who made 'Donnie Darko'.

Q6: Will you work with Joss Whedon again?
It depends what he writes in the next while.

These are rough translations and obviously taken from existing translations from English into German. They are not neccessarily entirely accurate.

Cool! I could almost read most of that. My German language skills are not as horrible as I thought they were.
Well, my German language skills aren't. And this is what I got from babelfish:

Question: The film turned in Japan with a director, who does not speak a word English. How was for you? Sarah Michelle Gellar: It was wonderful. It was a large learning experience for me and an introduction to the Japanese society and its Mentatilitaet. It is an unbelievably beautiful culture and I finds it mad that I had the possibility of becoming acquainted with it. Question: They speak also Japanese sentences in "The Grudge". Did you know, what they mean? Sarah Michelle Gellar: , if ich's had not known, I would not have naturally said it. Question: How long did you use, in order to learn the Japanese discussion? Sarah Michelle Gellar: Know, it go faster than one think, if one lives in Japan and itself each day busily with it. Question: What will your next project be? Sarah Michelle Gellar: I become next a film with Asif Kapadia, which director of "The Warrior", to make. Then comes a co-operation with Richard Kelly, which led with "Donnie Darko" direction. Question: They make nearly only films in the horror or thriller category. Do you like this kind of films? Sarah Michelle Gellar: I like the kind of films already, but do not forget you not "ice-cold angels". Interest me also different category. Question: Will you co-operate still times with Joss Whedon, the Macher behind Buffy? Sarah Michelle Gellar: That arrives completely on which he writes in next time. Question: How do you celebrate this year Christmas? Sarah Michelle Gellar: I want to rest myself to Christmas. Actually I would like to only sleep.

Hmm. Less Babel, more fish please. But I suppose I get the gist. Sort of.
Might as well write a Buffy/Angel film trilogy Joss. :D
Thanks for the translations! Glad to hear she'd be open to working with Joss again and frankly, if that man handed her an original, non-Buffy script (or even a Buffy script) I bet she'd jump at the chance to do a big screen project with him! Especially since she's had a chance to spread her wings a bit she's probably missing the verse herself.

And yes, SeanValen, a Buffy/Angel film trilogy sounds great!!
I can't take credit for the translations. I first came across this interview elsewhere with a pre-existing translation. I had this checked by my brother-in-law, a German translator by profession, who gave me his own very slightly different translation. He said a literal translation wasn't possible, simply because SMG's words have already been the subject of a translation into German and would have been slightly altered in the process.

The comment about working with Joss again doesn't really tell us very much. It's a typical non-answer. She's canny enough not to close any doors completely, but I'm not convinced there is anything more to it than that. I was interested to learn that 'Revolver' would appear to be the next film she will be making. 'Southland Tales' does seem to be a very slow moving project, even though the official website expands on a regular basis (not that it tells us anything, it's just a sequence of puzzles).
Does anybody remember a comedy skit - I think it was on Saturday Night Live - where a lounge act sang songs that had been translated from English into French (unidiomatically) and then back into English? All I can remember is that it was very funny and SNT's computer program translation reminded me of it.

Yes, it's interesting that Revolver is her next project, rather than Southland Tales. IMDb still has has the former listed as a 2006 release and the latter as 2005. But these things change. While there, I also learned that Eiskalte Engel (Ice-cold Angel) is the German title of Cruel Intentions. And we think our titles are bad.
Pick any well known text, music lyrics, speeches, whatever and put them through a translator and then back again and be amazed....

For example (and sing along)

Every single night, the same disposition
I exit and I fight the fight.
Still I think always that this estrangement disowned
nothing is real here, nothing is here of right.
I am making the exposures of the blows trades them that I hope nobody hardly I know that is passing with the movements that way through the part.
Nothing seems to penetrate my heart that
I was always good and the kind of righteous.
Hour I find it I am hesitating.
Strisci from yours tomba, you will find this fight just does not mean one what.
That oscillation is not obtained.
Thanks in order to notice.
zz9, that is truly amazing!
zz9, that is hilarious! I can't even pick just one favorite line... thanks, you made me snort all over my keyboard - good thing I'm more or less over that nasty cold.
I always felt the oscillation wasn't obtained adequately....;-)
Loved that! Thanks Zz9!! It's still very catchy even with the mistaken translations!
Good one, zz9. Isn't just the computer translator program. I lived in Germany for five years and can speak the language though rather badly. The meaning is more in terms of statement rather than word to word. This fact is emphasized even more in Japanese. Yes, I'm proficient in horribly mangling both languages. Heck, I'm still working on speaking my native english correctly. Anyhoo, is it me or is this SMG interview the same retread we've been reading the past three months?
Oh no, Madhatter, not a retread. SMG had never confirmed that she would cooperate with Macher Joss again, but that it "arrives completely on which he writes in next time." So that's all cleared up.

In any event, let's glean what news we can from this somewhat-familiar subject lest the thread be deleted as repetitous, and zz9's charming version of "Passing With the Movements" - which seems to have taken on new life as an ode to digestion - be lost to history . . .
Well if you want something new about this interview then it and an interview in a french magazine is one of the few times they have actually interviewed her and not just reprinted (with permission of course ) an interview out of Dreamwatch,SFX etc
"Oh no, Madhatter, not a retread. SMG had never confirmed that she would cooperate with Macher Joss again, but that it "arrives completely on which he writes in next time." So that's all cleared up. "

Which makes sense of course. But she's said it before in terms of a possible Buffy movie. 'Not sure it would work', 'Who knows', 'Depends on the script'. And what else can she say?

""Passing With the Movements" - which seems to have taken on new life as an ode to digestion - be lost to history . . ."

Some visuals.....I just......don't need.......;-)
I posted this link simply because it suggests that 'Revolver' and not 'Southland Tales' would be her next film. This is the first time I have come across a reference to 'Revolver' made by Gellar herself, and it seems to suggest that the start of production on 'Southland Tales' has been pushed back yet again. I assumed that for those of us who like Gellar (that would be me) it might be of some vague interest.

I noticed the reference to Joss and thought it might of general interest, although I appreciate that it isn't exactly a startling revelation.
dashboardprophet, excellent point and I'm sorry we got off-topic there. This is the first I've heard that 'Southland Tales' could possibly be delayed and you're correct in the fact they're moving very slowly in signing up the cast. Perhaps 'Revolver' will be made first. Either show will test Sarah's mete and I look forward to her making this jump.

Also, thanks for the catch (same to SoddingNancyTribe and EdDantes) about SMG working with Joss again. Yeah, I fell into the 'assume' trap here as well. But I think it's safe to say that Sarah is warming up with working with Joss again.
For anyone who might be interested, I have come across a very recent interview in a Spanish magazine in which Gellar says she doesn't think a 'Buffy' film will ever happen.

She also says that 'Southland Tales' is her next project. No mention of 'Revolver'.

I haven't done a link because it's on another posting board and I wasn't sure if we are allowed to link to other boards.
dashboardp: you can link to other boards provided, obviously, that the link is newsworthy and not to illegally-obtained material. The relevant whedonesque chapter and verse says that "we realise that a lot of good information comes from forums and boards that are often difficult to link to precisely. In these cases, we appreciate an approximate link (to the forum's main URL for example)."

But on this subject, I'm not sure if SMG's statement really reflects anything other than that ST is in pre-production flux and things are ever-liable to change.
SNT, thanks very much for that. I won't do a link for this because it's not of enough interest, but it's good to know for anything worthwhile I come across in the future.
The (mostly) serious point to my example was how the automated translators method of simply swapping words for the nearest literal translation can totaly change the tone, and in an interview such as this where we're trying to 'read between the lines' is hopeless because they're not remotely the same lines.
zz9, I agree with you entirely. I would mention that the translations were done by someone who earns his living by translating documents from German into English and vice-versa, and is required to produce very accurate translations. However, your point still holds true. It's impossible to do a literal translation to the exact words spoken by SMG, simply because the original translation into German would have altered these.
I can't wait for Southland Tales. I am in love with Richard Kelly, and he's doing a musical/comedy/sci-fi/thriller/whatever with Buffy! I mean, Sarah Michelle Gellar. But if taking a long time means a better film, I can maybe wait. But I thought they started filming about six months ago?
Anyhoo, glad to hear she has some good work coming up. And lets not be too pesimistic about Sarah working with Joss again in the future, I need to think there will oneday be another Buffyverse to look forward to!

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