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December 28 2004

Joss Whedon's Animated Dracula. Apparently Joss Whedon wrote a draft script for a Dracula movie for Don Bluth while Fox Animation was still a going concern.

Scroll on down about a third down this page. I'd never heard of this draft before. "Of course we would work with Joss Whedon again. You are right, he's great. And, he's a very nice guy. He wrote a great draft of a script of Dracula for us, while we were at Fox. It never got a great light though."

Found more on this at this forum. Dracula, the musical, by Joss... now that is something I would pay a lot of money to see!
Very cool, thanks for posting that. I wonder when exactly he wrote it.
I assume he meant 'green' light. And he must have written this on one of the many long vacations he has taken in the last ten years.....
Must of been around the time of Titan A.E., where Fox would've been interested in Joss' animation skills... ohh, that would've been a great movie I'm sure
Well... darn.

I wonder if it would be possible to stage it...
I'm going to be working on something about the occasional the more-common-than-you-would-think meeting of horror (or something like horror) and and movie musicals (OMWF being one -- and the far more horrific "Phantom of the Paradise" being another, as well as "The Wicker Man"), so this obviously has my interest...
I've heard of this. This was going on during early buffy.
I'd just love to go through Joss' old file folders.

(Uh I meant projects he wrote that never saw the light. Not like....stalking and going through his trash.....obviously....I only do that once a week!)
The Whedonesquers are amazing. A day doesn't go by when a member pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Excellent find, Mort!

I've forgotten Joss was involved with Titan AE.....oh, the shame!
Here are a couple of his other projects that never saw the "great light," for anyone who hasn't seen them.
Thank you for that link, grrarrgh00. Quite interesting reading about Joss's "Die Hard-on-a-bridge" and another project that bore just the faintest whiff, to me, of "Who's That Girl" (mixed with "The Beast With Five Fingers") . . . Excellent. Although I'm not sure even Joss's imprimatur could have drawn me in to see another DH scenario.

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