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December 29 2004

'Serenity' trailer in cinemas May 6th. According to a poster at, the trailer will be attached to 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.

That would be nice - attached to a movie I want to see anyway. I don't think I could bring myself to pay admission just to see a trailer.
I don't know anything about Hitchhiker's Guide, but I've heard alot of talk about it in the sci fi fan community. So good for it to be on here. For all the awfulness of it, I also hope the trailer is on Star Wars III.
Yeah, I can't wait. I did see the one Joss played at the Comicon in Chicago and it was most excellent. This is great news on a pretty much crappy day.


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Just want to remind leaveittoreaver, and others, that you don't need to - or rather, you should not - sign your posts. Ta.
I`m looking forward to Hitchhiker's Guide too... so... :D

But i must wait to see it in Spainīs cinemas ¨¨
If its in the movie theater it'll be on the net in a few days so you shouldnt have to worry about paying admission to see the trailer
Dawar, I think the point is to see it on the big screen, in full surround sound. It is for me, at least. I want the full impact for my first viewing of the Serenity trailer.

My Firefly group here in Portland, Oregon is planning to go together to see the Serenity trailer in the theater. If the above news is true, I'm glad it's attached to this movie rather than Elektra.
I shall definitely be going to see HHGTTG - I listened to the original radio series on Radio 4 and have followed every variant since. So I do hope "Serenity" is trailed with it in the UK too. It's certainly a market with a lot of crossover potential.

Does anyone know about a UK release date for "Serenity"?
Just to add to the HHG love, as a veteran of the radio show, the books, the record, the TV series (with the worst SFX ever for Zaphods second head!) it was the first time I ever really became aware that shows had writers, and how important their role was.
No problem. But, why is it that one should not sign there post? Just curious.
Of course, I meant "their" post.
Probably because your name is listed under your post anyway?

Just wanted to comment to SoddingNancyTribe that I think you are an excellent moderator and doing a fantastic job!!!
But how could Disney hope to compete with the awesomeness of the original BBC miniseries? I mean, Zaphod's other head could move left to right and up and down. Kind of. And it was fun to see all the sets from Dr. Who again.
Seems like a perfect match up to me. The sensibilities are very similar.

Last night I had a dream that I was visiting my old high school marching band directors. They let me watch practices and the band was doing a Serenity/Hitchhiker's Guide themed program.
And it was fun to see all the sets from Dr. Who again.

And that quarry in Cornwall that they all used. Who, Blakes Seven, HHG.. Happy days.

I haven't yet seen any (revised) due date for Serenity in the UK, or have I missed any news? Most big openings happen here within a week or so of the US so hopefully we'll get trailers about the same time as the Stateside folks.
Douglas Adams and Joss Whedon... two of my all time favorite creative types. I can't think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday matinee... and a Sunday... and then Monday...
Count me in as a HHGTTU fan. Read all the books and enjoyed them immensely. I also saw the TV series, my fingers are crossed the movie is better then the TV series! Can't wait to see Marvin and I also get a Serenity trailer... be still my heart.
Wonder if it's gonna work the same way overseas.
Even though I'm not really in all this Star Wars hype, and even after watching the trailer online, I got a little surprised when I watched the Episode III trailer at the theathers the first time, during a showing of Bertolucci's Dreamers a few week ago.

Finally got things right and bought my copy of the DVDs, I'm going to delight myself with a lot of FIrefly goddies next week.
I can't wait for Firefly. I recently bought the DVD set. So I was seeing the show for the first time. I freaking love the show and wished I had watched it when it was on TV. I will see the movie on opening night.
Welcome to the obsession DarenG! The good news for you is that you didn't have to live through the agony of hoping and praying it wouldn't be cancelled and then live with the frustration when it was. I'm still seething just thinking about it again! But I am glad that Firefly has found so many new fans since it's cancellation which is more proof as to what a great show it was!
It's good to see that they are going to be releasing the trailer before the release of Star Wars episode 3, because this means that they can attach the trailer to Star Wars and every other major movie release over the summer period.

If they had show the trailer in January and released Serenity in April there is no way it would have gotten the exposure that it will now get, and itís fantastic that they now have an extra four months to put together a really kick ass trailer. By May Serenity should be finished with all the special effects in place, so they will be able to put together almost a full trailer and not just a teaser trailer, and in July they can put out an even bigger and better second trailer.

As much as I hate to have to wait till September to see Serenity I now believe that releasing it in September and advertising it over summer was inspired decision. Go Universal Go! Make us proud.
Hmmm, I may go and see Star Wars just for that. I think if any of us Browncoats are going to see Star Wars we should hoot and holler like crazy when the trailer is shown because all those Star War fans will be intrigued and want to see "that movie" that some other Star War "fans" got all excited about!

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