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December 30 2004

Will You Be Tom Lenk's Special Friend? Tom Lenk has gone down memory lane and written a play. And not only he is starring in it but also Emma Caulfield and Nathan Fillion as well. So if you live in the L.A. area and have time to spare in January, why not pop along and see it?

Emma AND Nathan?? Two of the funniest folks in the Whedonverse? I'm SO there!
oh I wish I lived in the LA area! I would LOVE to see this play...
I wish I could think of an excuse (a good reason?) to fly out to LA to see it.....

I am glad that Tom Lenk is continuing with and expanding this play, he is so creative & funny.
I am so going to this! Thanks for the heads up, this sounds fantatic!
While I don't think much of Lenk, if I lived there I would certainly go. Like Rogue Slayer said, Emma and Nathan are two of the funniest 'verse people around.

Have fun guys, and sneak a camcorder in, ok? ;)
Well since this place is less than five minutes away from where I work, I'll be there. Thanks for the tip! :)
I will be there also.......thanks for the info!
Grr Argh!! Why do I live on the other side of the country?! Why?!
i so would be his special friend, desanitised hands and all!
bloody continental drift ...

can't decide what slays me more/most, something written by tom, about fan culture, or nathan in it *starts to turn in circles and flap hands*
Don't forget to tell us about it, Oddjob. :)
I'll be there too. I called the place, but no answer. I may just head down to the place and pick up tickets. Anyone else who's going, let me know when/how you get your tickets. And HEY! Maybe we can even meet up. Thanks guys.
:( I`m interested in this, but i can`t fly to L.A from Madrid! Too expensive!
I have to wonder what the tone of Tom's play is going to be like.

I have a feeling that he'll be roasting Buffy fandom... although considering the fact that he uncovered "...the most vicious online commentary ever to be written by teenage girls," I can't say it's not unwarranted.

I can't say I've been the biggest fan of his either, but I'll watch it with an objective POV.
For one awful moment when I first read about it, I thought it would be something like "Just Jack" but I have a feeling it'll be pretty darn good. I've met Mr Lenk, he's very thoughtful, very deep and has a terrific love for acting.
I love Tom Lenk, he's really funny if you ask me. I would go even if it was "Just Jack" (good one Simon). But it also has Emma and Nathan! And is only $12! So if your in or close enough to the area your crazy not to go!
"Just Jack". Hah! That cracked me up. From what I read I think it will be funnier than that though. And Tom is funny, Andrew really grew on me in S7. (Storyteller was hilarious. And being a nerd myself I catch almost all his references)

And while Tom can be off-ish in public with fans, I gotta say he was a lot more fun at the Kerry Fundraiser, so I can chalk it up to him having shy-issues. He also keeps going to those things, so he does his best.

The concept of this play sounds potentially really funny and the inclusion of Emma and Nathan is just....well I don't often use the word 'delicious', but....
Those are my 3 favorite actors! it kind of rotates through the shows but at this very moment those 3 are it! And I'm across the country.. This is the worst new years ever.
A late note, but for those of you who are going and are wondering what to do about dinner, there is a somewhat pricey Italian eatery called Amalfi (formerly known as Farfalla) right next door. As for parking, I'd say just park on the street.
Well, I went.

And... I laughed my ass off. Tom did an awesome job, and the display of the Photoshop paste-ins of Tom and Michelle were the funniest bits for me... although the endless comparisons of him to leprechauns and Kiebler elves had me almost literally rolling in the aisles with laughter. One thing's for sure... there are some *scary* people on the Internets!

Afterwards... I said hi to Emma, who seemed to recognize me (but the cynic in me thinks she was just being nice). She looked stunning!

Also said hi to Nathan, and chatted about the first Serenity screening (he mentioned that he appears as a different character under heavy makeup!) and Macs since he just bought his Powerbook last week... so he had this look like he may have made a bad decision about buying it since there may be speed bumps announced for the laptops at next week's Macworld Expo.

And Tom, to his credit, came over and said hi, shook my hand, and thanked me for coming to see it. So okay, he won me over.

EdDantes, I recognized you and Rogue Slayer when you walked in, but didn't get a chance to chat with you before the play started. Was hoping you two would stick around afterwards but it looked like you bailed. Maybe next time?

Next week, Emma will be one of the "Special Friends." I can't wait to check it out again. :)

[ edited by Oddjob on 2005-01-06 09:05 ]
Thanks for the report Oddjob - glad you had a good time - if you are going again next week - ask Tom if there's any chance of him taking the show on the road or finding some place he can do it on the weekend. I would really love to see it but I work Wed-Fri so grr argh I couldn't do it - darn I knew I should have swapped days when I had the chance, then I would have been off Wed and could have flown out to see it. I hope others who have seen it report soon - cause I'd like to read other's take on it as well. Thanks again Oddjob you made my night.
You're welcome, RavenU.

Like Serenity, I was really amazed at just how funny this play was. I don't think I've laughed as hard since South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (seriously, my stomach was starting to hurt!). It definitely had a "Just Jack!" flavor to it, and Tom wasn't afraid to poke fun of himself, his parents, and yes, the more interesting fan mail and anonymous barbs directed at him about his looks (particularly when, a website that's directed towards teenaged girls, profiled him as "Your Next Crush").

Tom should really go on the road with this play. It's really that good!

I realized I can't go to the play next week, even with Emma performing (I have a Defamer party to go to that night). Crap!

[ edited by Oddjob on 2005-01-06 11:43 ]
Knowing that Emma will be a "special" guest next week, I'm making plans to go again. We didn't stay to meet up with Nathan or Tom, but Emma was nice enough to snap a picture outside.

The play was almost non-stop hysterical. I think after this performance, Tom'll realize that it works, and that the show is funny, and he'll be more at ease up there for the coming performances.

It really was kind of like watching Andrew in his basement, "Storyteller" style.
Tom was super funny..since this year started out pretty crappy for me thats saying alot. So thanks Tom. Nathan was great! He was so sweet afterward to stand and talk to us about Serenity. When we told him we saw it, he was like oh we have to talk about it. It was super cute!! I love Nathan even more......and I am now an even bigger Tom fan!! I am gonna try to go at least one more time. I am thinking Jan 26th.
SillyD, when did you meet up with Nathan? I'd love to talk Serenity with ANYbody, not just Mal himself.

I'm thinking of going back also. At first I thought every performance, but only if the "special" guests are different. The show was insanely funny.
TheZeppo..after the performance when everyone was milling around in the lobby a friend of mine had some pictures to give to Nathan. So we all just started talking to him, mainly about Serenity. It was great!!
Do any of you who went last night know if Nathan is going to be a special guest again? I made my reservations for the 19th, thinking it would be the same every time. If it's Emma next week, I wonder who I'll get then.
Nathan had said this was his only night. That could change. Who knows? If you go to Toms official site the day of it should list his special friends for that week. Right now it still has his special friends from last night. Just an idea!
Nathan said his appearance onstage was for one time only. So I don't anticipate him making a return appearance.
Aly is a special friend of his, they go out together a lot, that would be great if she did it one week.
It was a really funny show. Made me a fan again. And I thought he observations about Buffy fans was affectionate. I can't imagine what it's like to read all that chatter about yourself. The reading of the chat room argument is worth a trip to LA for anyone who can get here.

I think Nathan loved talking about the movie with us. I got to whisper in his ear...and accidentally put my hands in his hair. *sigh*

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