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December 30 2004

(SPOILER) Pictures from Drew Goddard's first episode of Alias. Its titled "Welcome to Liberty Village" and it will air on January 26th.(yep, not february. it was moved up.)

Here is the media description. Under a spoiler tag.

I am avoiding all spoilers (so I'm not even reading the description!), but boy oh boy am I excited Drew's ep getting moved up and not back! Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Jan 26th the night of the David Fury and Brent Fletcher written ep of LOST? If it is, I may be just a little overwhelmed over how awsome tv will be in that two hours :)
Yep. Thats when the Fury ep airs. So Jeff Bell and Marti Noxon in one night, than a week later Fury and Goddard in one night. Good to see M.E. people working.
clarification eddy---Marti on Point Pleasant...isn't that on thurs? If so, where does Jeff appear that night? (alias =
Point Pleasent is premiering on Wednesday, then moving to thursday (the next day) for the second episode.
awsome! thanks :)

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