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December 31 2004

Receive a Valentine Phone Call from Tony Head! If you're the winning bid in this charity auction, you'll get a thirty minute phone call (to any number in the world) from Tony on or around Valentine's Day.

It would be cool to win, but I can't imagine what I would say to him for 1/2 hour! Probably something like "Um, ah, yeah, you're so cool!"

Good impression, that.
I'd ask him to lie to me for 30 minutes.
a half hour is a long time...
but I could ask him to sing something,
or read to me
(I just love his beautiful voice!)

at any rate I did put in a bid,
because even though I can't bid enough to win
I still figure it will be nice if he at least has
a lot of different people bidding!

I do love Tony Head
Caroline,what a great idea! And with it being Valentine's day, I know what he could lie about to me. sigh.
I love him as much as the next, but I'd probably have to have a list of pre-made questions to ask him, because I wouldn't know what else to say!
Yeah, a list of pre-made questions is what I was thinking too. I'm sure you'd be given some warning if you were the winner so you could make sure you were home. You could have a list with a ton of questions and the half hour would most likely fly by after he had only answered a few.

But, yeah, just asking him to "lie to me" for a half hour could be a really sweet and fun experience, especially on Valentines day.
Is this available to women only? I mean us guys love him too (maybe not in the same way)...
It's open to everyone.
Personally I would be interesting in what kind of material ASH has come up with to fill the 1/2 hour
(because you know he is a professional and he won't be dependent upon the caller to have enough questions....)
now I need to check to see if MY bid was enough to even get posted....
I'll bet not (sigh)

Host: I'll bet Tony would find it a relief to talk to a Dude instead of a crazed fangurl....!

(thereby proving myself to be fangurl of the morning! hehehe)

[ edited by embers on 2005-01-01 16:59 ]
Yay Embers! Well done!

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