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December 31 2004

Happy Holidays to all Browncoats from the Captain. Nathan Fillion posts his belated holiday wishes at the the official Serenity movie site and shares his thoughts on helping the Tsunami victims. (registration is required).

That was cool that Nathan posted his thoughts and wishes. I wonder if he stopped by the "Two Guys and a Girl" room, too ...

Happy Holidays Mr. Fillion.

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For those who can't access it, he said among other things
Belated holiday wishes to the greatest fans a fella could ask for (and my fantastic castmates should they drop by this site). My wishes have all been granted thanks to a healthy, happy family, and a cousin in Phuket who is safe from harm and will be returning to us soon. Let the disaster that has befallen so many remind us all how tentative our grasp is on this planet earth.... Be well, Browncoats. Grab hold of your loved ones, let them know you are there for them, and make the most of all your blessings.
See you at the movies!
Nathan Fillion

Thanks Lioness. Wow, that was very sweet and thoughtful. He does truly seem like a very nice person in real life and I'm happy his life is going so well and I wish him the best in the future.
Lioness, what Flan said...I remember some early interviews of Nathan and remarking on how fresh and genuine and decent a fellow he seemed to be...this reaffirms my previous assessment.

A beautiful, blessed, and bountiful 2005 to all my fellow Whedonesquers!
I should add that he said he was going to be sending money to aid in the disaster relief- which only goes to prove your point, Lizard.
We've done the same, Lioness, and probably will continue to do so as the situation warrants and our ability to help continues...and, yes, Mr. Fillion, what a lovely, lovely man.

Nice folks on this board, you know?

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