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December 31 2004

Yahoo ranks 'The Grudge' as among the top ten most popular movies of 2004 ...Pretty impressive to be included amongst Spiderman, Shrek, etc.

9. The Grudge
Sarah Michelle Gellar played an American working in a Japanese house cursed by murderous a spirit.

The fact that it says that Spiderman 2, Troy and Harry Potter 3 were the top 3 movies of this year says it all. I hated all three of them (except for the fact that orlando bloom was almost completely nude in Troy). The Grudge freaked me out, but overall was pretty lame in my book. That wasn't the most impressive list of movies if ya ask me :)
I think it's the top ten most searched on yahoo, probably, because it's unlikely Paris Hilton would make anyone's most popular celebrities list.
Not to mention the typo regarding The Grudge, " cursed by murderous a spirit" instead of cursed by a murderous spirit". If they can't even make sure of the little much effort did they put into really making sure these movies deserve to be on the list?
A good friend and I had our annual dinner (we live nowhere near) the other night...he knows my affinity for Buffy...asked if the actress in The Grudge is the same person...said he thought it was one of the crappiest movies he ever saw...gave her decent marks, but thought the movie was utter bollocks.

Haven't seen it, won't see it, have no interest in seeing it.
Yeah, would love to know how they decided they were most popular, since there's some real stinkers up there that didn't make much at the box office.
Saying that The Grudge was one of the best movies of 2004 is like saying SMG was the best actress on BtVS. *facepalm* I can't believe they even gave The Grudge a spot & left out movies like ESOTSM. But at least Van Helsing scored higher -- because while it was crap too, at least you could look at The Pretty for a hour or so.
I nearly spazzed out before I saw the "Ten Most Popular Movies" heading.
And my first act of 2005 was to amend the headline to include 'most popular'. And I would have to agree with what kylie says.
"...asked if the actress in The Grudge is the same person"

Apart from only seeing the poster for the film ,how did your friend know who the actress in the film was but not know the BtVS connection as every aricle,review etc I know of mentioned the BtVS conection
I'm not sure why there are so many strong reactions to the Grudge. It wasn't an all encompassing great movie, but it was a nice mood piece.

Part of the problem could be that people still listen to marketing hype, "scariest movie of the year". Hm.
But First Weevil, they weren't even the most popular by any measure I can think of.
Most popular movies searched at Yahoo! during 2004, I think is the criteria that they are using. Letting the people not the critics decide the list.
If that's true, Simon, then I guess it proves the old adage about never underestimating the power of stupid people in large groups. Gah.

Yahoo! would have been better off going with the critics.
Besides, most people DID know about The Grudge. People in my school that couldn't stand an episode of Buffy, even teachers, were all excited about the upcoming movie. It doesn't have to necessarily be one of the best movies of 2004, to be one of the most popular.
"If that's true, Simon, then I guess it proves the old adage about never underestimating the power of stupid people in large groups. Gah "

I'm not claiming it was the greatest movie of the year nor that any performances in it were Oscar worthy but saying that if you liked the movie enough to search for information on it you are stupid is uncalled for

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I liked the Grudge, although since I didn't see 10 new movies in 2004 I can't really make a list. Also thought Spidey 2 was excellent, and Harry Potter 3 quite good. And, FWOW, there are some of us out here who do think SMG was the best actress on BtVS. But that's already a matter of (whedonesque) record. On that Yahoo list, the clear winner has to be The Incredibles, natch.

And while it's nice to have such a vigorous difference of opinion amongst ourselves to kick off the New Year (still a few hours to go down here in Cali), people, let's cut out the name-calling, OK?
Maybe I'm reading too much into what I ... keep reading ... but it does seem as if 'The Grudge' is becoming a bit of an issue. I'm sure that a lot of people would have been happier if it had tanked at the box office or, in fact, if it hadn't been made at all.

It's just a little horror film that happened to star someone who has a sizeable fanbase but isn't universally popular. It's not the worst film that has ever been made and it's not the best. Some people like it, some people don't. It will be largely forgotten soon enough, by which time we will probably all be arguing about the merits or otherwise of Gellar's next film.'s unlikely Paris Hilton would make anyone's most popular celebrities list.

I don't think Paris Hilton even qualifies as a mammal, much less a movie star.
SNT, I have seen ten new films this year. In fact, I have seen quite a few more than that, having made a pact with my wife to visit our local cinema once a week, something we have largely stuck to.

'The Grudge' is one of my three favourite films of the year, the other two being 'Garden State' and the director's cut of 'Donnie Darko'. If that last choice doesn't count I'll go for 'Scooby Doo 2' and be damned for it. I went to see it with my two young god-children and I had a tremendous time.
Well, perhaps I should apologise for the tone of my comment. I'm not entirely sure I was in the wrong, but whatever. I never apologise for the way I feel regarding SMG & her 'acting', but I'm sorry if anyone was offended by my comment. I just think it's really sad that Yahoo! has chosen such a unreliable method to order their list. It's just more proof of the sad state of affairs in the entertainment industry.
I liked the Grudge, although I know Sarah has done better stuff in Buffy, where Joss spoils us, the Grudge was alright, and it being popular is fine with me, I'm glad it was successful for SMG, with success brings other chances, so see what happens with what Sarah does next.
Diddo to what SNT said. I saw The Grudge and enjoyed it. And they were all great actors on BtVS but I do think SMG was the best actress of them all. Don't get where all the negative stuff about The Grudge comes from, especially from those who haven't even seen it. It was a horror flick, wasn't meant to be Shakespeare.
For Heaven's Sake, SMG wasn't really to blame for mediocre movie intermissions, her influence was directed to appease. Let's try subjecting an entire subgroup, for instance.
I'm totally with Firefly Flanatic, etc. I enjoyed the film for what it was. It may not be my favourite movie of the year but I don't regret spending $14 on a ticket to it. I'll probably buy it when it comes out on DVD too.

I can't believe people's opinions about SMG's acting skills! Everyone knows that television and movie production's finished product depends on so many different factors; writing, direction, lighting, etc... but if the actor can't convince you that they are the character and act accordingly, I don't know how you could even be a fan of BTVS, considering she's the central character. Just because she may not be your favourite doesn't mean you have to diss her at any available opportunity.

We can't take everything so seriously, The Grudge for example was meant to be a movie that most people go to the movies for; an escape, some adrenalin, some popcorn, etc. The more respected films such as Eternal Sunshine will never be seen by the majority of the general public because they want something 'easy' such as The Grudge. So in this context (and the fact that it was a hit at the B.O.) its not surprising to see this film in a top ten list.

And Paris Hilton isn't that bad. She's not afraid to make fun of herself and doesn't pretend to be smarter or something she's not, so I respect her for that. Plus she's funny.

I'm in a defensive mood today, sorry to go on and on :)
The Grudge is the type of movie that you either like or dislike. It is neither an Oscar contender nor the worst film ever made. SMG's acting was acceptable and I'd probably buy the DVD too. :) One thing is for sure though, this movie made money. For Sony Pictures vice-chairman to mention it as one of the reasons the studio is topping this year's domestic market share (for the 3rd year in a row) says a lot. I must say that Sarah promoting the movie (all over the world) like there was no tomorrow surely played a major role in its success. I'm glad for SMG.
BuffBuff, I find it very easy to be a fan of BtVS while hating both Buffy (the character) & SMG. (And, frankly, hating Buffy made some episodes far more enjoyable than they would have been otherwise -- such as Dead Man's Party, Empty Places, & particularly The Gift. I wanted to throw a party after watching The Gift.)

While the show may be around a central character, there are numerous other main characters & supporting characters who I find far more interesting & worth much more of my time & admiration, especially Willow. I adore Alyson Hannigan -- which is one of the reasons I detest SMG so much, actually.
OK, Geek The Girl, the personal animus thing has run its course. Obviously you're entitled to whatever opinion you want to hold. Equally obviously, this is a community, and posting your opinions in the manner that you do is just going to lead to angry and unproductive exchanges. This is a site for informative and reasoned discussion of Joss Whedon's works and collaborators, not bashing. No more please.
Alright. I'll just listen to everyone else's opinions & keep my mouth shut then. I don't want to get banned or anything.
Forget the grudge. When I saw Van Helsing and Troy so high on that list I just shaked my head. Making a list by yahoo searches doesn't really show if the movie is popular or not. If someone wishes to trash these 2 movies, they go on a yahoo search for somewhere to criticize it. For instance I just did a yahoo search for "catwoman crap" and came up with a animation flash called crapwoman. Does that make Catwoman a popular movie? My analogy also applies to Mary Kate Olsen who's on their top celeb list. I know I wasn't searching for her name this year cause I think she's such a cool person.

And seriously wasn't Farenheit 9/11 one of the most searched for topics on the internet? I even saw it on a yahoo thing once. Why isn't it on this list instead of Troy?

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Most popular searches.

I haven`t seen it yet, but like i always use to say, i think it won`t be that bad.
Not the best of the year, but not the worst.
It`s not fair to compare The Grudge to another movie. Grade it comparing to other horror movies.

For example, many people said I Know What You Did Las Summer was crap. I love it. Because i compare it only to another slasher films.
I absolutely love Jap horror...and my 16 yr old has the original movie...there were some great scary moments in this remake....and SMG did a fine job (a plus was no Buffy stare..yay!)...but the overal ambience wasn't really there...the freakiest part for me in the Jap one is where the mother ghost is crawling down the stairs...and the whole slow pace and beat as you hear every creak and crack of her body moving is soooooo scary! And they just glossed over it in the remake.... it's very much like the way Sadako moves in the Jap Ringu movies...oh man...that is one damn scary night when we have a run of those films in our house!
I enjoyed The Grudge, and I enjoyed SMG's performance even though it was far more low key than BtVS.

I have noticed how some people allow the performance on screen to influence their opinions of an actor. The flack Michelle Trachtenberg got from people who said "she" was imature, whiney etc and people who watched S6 and said it was obvious that "SMG" was bored or not interested with the show when in both cases all we saw was the character, written by writers, directed by directors and takes chosen in editing to portray what the character is feeling. Why does no one ever say "I can't stand Anthony Hopkins, he kills people and eats their livers"?
Good point zz9. I guess if people confuse the actor with the character, it means the actor is doing the job well.

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