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January 02 2005

His number one choice for last year? Angel, of course.

Angel again stands at the top of television rankings? What a surprise. The WB are asses...
I wonder if they'll ever realize their mistake?

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I like Herc's columns, I'm glad he always comes off like he's having a hell of a lot of fun writing them. His enthusiasm is infectious...but is anyone else tired of the horny fanboy thing (not just in Herc's writing, but anywhere) as justification for rating a TV series/movie so well? Not that these "Top 10" lists ever matter...I haven't seen The L Word (now that I know Mia Kirshner's in it, I'll be renting soon), but I hear it's actually pretty well written and acted, and maybe Herc realizes that and he's just being silly with the "*drool* Lesbians are enough, what plot?" spiel. It just annoys a little, is all. To prove I'm an equal opportunity irritable guy, I'd be annoyed if Herc was gay and said basically the same thing about Queer As Folk (which I don't think anyone will argue is almost always a guilty pleasure. Sure, I've stuck with it for all four seasons, mostly on the strength of the quality original British mini-series it's spun from, and I'll probably watch its fifth and final year for completion's sake and 'cause I'm invested in one or two of the characters, but yeah--guilty pleasure/eye candy, it'd never make a Top 10 or even Top 30 list).

The O.C. inspires tears? Seriously? I watched (and loved) the first season, but nothing ever came close to making me cry or even feeling all that sad (I think Buffy, Six Feet Under, Nip/Tuck and a couple moments that snuck up on me from Sex & The City and 24 have been the only TV shows to get me to cry once or maybe a few times). I haven't watched the second season yet due to the crap new timeslot (Thursdays are no good) and wanting to wait for the DVD as that's increasingly becoming the preferred medium for TV viewing, but the popular opinion seems to be that it's not as good, not as funny as the first. We'll see...I seriously doubt it'll get me to cry though, Josh Schwartz just doesn't seem to go in for that.

And I find it laughable that Herc would take swipes at the far superior Desperate Housewives while singing The O.C.'s praises. Heh, on that point I think he's just going against the grain for the sake of being contrary.

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How did I not see this when I posted the same link a few minutes ago, must be going mad.

Anyway, no other show really deserved the title this year.
Ghost Spike, what a wonderful post it was and we thank you.
I agree that David fury deserves a emmy for that fourth episode because all i have to say about that episode is it was AMAZING.

As for Angel being in first i agree with Herc: the Whedon owns all our asses. Even yours.
I also have to agree that David Fury deserves an emmy for Walkabout. I'll admit that I cried (no blubbering, but there were tears). I know others who did as well so I know it's just not because I'm a big baby.
I bet herc hasn't even seen one episode of Housewives. And yes, Fury needs to be nominated for a emmy. I have high hopes that they won't snub this show come nomination time.
Damn the WB. Damn them very, very much.

David Fury's "Walkabout" was excellent. Because Lost is more mainstream than the ME shows and has garnered a much bigger audience, I suppose Fury being nominated for an emmy isn't totally out of the question, is it? Although really, where are the emmys when you need them? Damn the emmys, too. That Hush/OMWF /The Body/Not Fade Away/Many Other Eps etc. etc. didn't get suitable awardation (new word) is insane.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2005-01-02 20:09 ]
I will always be amazed that OMWF was not nominated. If there was ever a episode that deserved several nominations it was this. For writing, directing, song writing by Joss, choreography, lighting, acting by EVERYONE in this episode. The whole she-bang.

I read that 7th heaven is going to have a musical episode in February. I almost want to watch it so I can compare it to Buffy's.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-01-02 20:20 ]
I like Angel as the #1 show, and I'm onboard with Fury getting an Emmy for Walkabout which was fantastic and IMO the best episode of Lost.

I don't watch all the shows on the list but IMO Desperate Housewives should be on there. I also enjoy Boston Legal and feel that is one of the best too but like I said I haven't seen all the shows on the list so they may be better.
7th heaven the musical.....sorry, i think my brain stopped working for a moment there. No other show's musical will ever compare to OMWF for the pure sake that no other show has a Joss Whedon--that's all I have to say about that.

As for the WB...Kill the Frog (you know what I'm talking about, that dumb green frog with the top hat) and Support the 'Verse (uniVERSal studios, that is :)

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