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January 02 2005

Angel soundtrack gets UK release date. The 25 track CD will be out on the 21st of February.

Does anyone know if we're getting full renditions of Lady Marmalade and It's not easy being green, or the short versions as used in the series?
That's great for you UK'ers. I'm so glad that some of the cast vocals will be featured in addition to the great scoring. Plus "Place Called Home." Aw, shucks, reminds me of Fred.

If this doesn't come out in the U.S. as well I'll have a DawnFifthSixthSeason-style fit. (GetOutGetOutGetOUT!)
I don't think it is getting released in the States, hence why Fox made that 10 track digital EP available for download at their store.

I'm hoping that the songs Caroline mentioned are the full versions, it would only be fair if there were. says it's going to be released 14th February:
I'd assume it's the entire tracks, could be wrong though.

Need to wait though, as this is one of the many sites that won't accept my card type, shame 'cos I've got a discount card for this one.

I think it's already been said that it's not coming out in the US, but you will be able to get it off the Foxstore (not sure if download, real CD or both.)

Couldn't find it on Amazon, thanks for the link. 21st would make sense as it would coincide with the DVD release of season 5.

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Not released in the U.S.? Hello, CD producers, U.S. show! Legions of U.S. fans!

Well, I guess it'll have to be ordered from As for the Fox music store digital download, it doesn't work with Macs. And it's incomplete (no Lorne songs).
Mwahahahaaa... ahem. Nice.
Much obliged, Simon & englandlass789 -- I've been doing periodic searches of UK for "Robert Kral" without any luck. I appreciate the pointer.

Ended up getting it for 13.28 at -- 10.20 + 3.08 shipping to the US. (With the current exchange rate, that should be, let's see... ONE MILLION DOLLARS)!!

(I do this every 2-3 years anway, when purchasing a "Deluxe" Harry Potter book, in the original English.)

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I suck at math, can anyone tell me how much the price is on in american dollars?
13.28 = $25.49.

(At current exchange rates. Thanks to the massive deficit spending the U.S. is currently doing, and our trade deficit, the US dollar continues to lose value.)
cool it will come out on my birthday *g*
Thanks for the helpful info, englandlass789 and bookrats. I swallowed hard and bought the CD even at that exchange rate. It's worth it - anything for my beloved AtS. bookrats, I relate about the Harry Potter books needing to be bought in their original form. That the American book publisher felt it was necessary to Americanize the language for U.S. kids is ridiculous.
Anyone know if its gonna be released in canada or do i have to order it in?
I want it :( ! Hmmm, I'll find a way to get it...
I assume that Canada will get it around if not at the same time as the US. I know that's not always the case but I hope so.
Anyone know if its gonna be released in canada or do i have to order it in?

You may have to order it from the UK to get all of the tracks that are on this CD. The previous Buffy CD released in North America didn't have as many tracks on it as the one released in Britain.
I continue to believe someone at Fox has a grudge against American buffy fans.
Yeah I saw the info at Amazon but cause they didn't have a track listing I went with the info at the other site. That and it would make sense for it to be released at the same time as the season 5 DVD comes out in the UK.

Putting it out on the 14th of February would not be good for the obvious reason. One year anniversary of the show's cancellation *grrrr*.
WHAT! I never knew that the HP books were changed over here. That's crazy. What's wrong with people, geeze.

Ok, I'm over it now. I don't know what they changed, but I can see a problem with some words that are slang or more common in England. As long as they only changed small things I guess it's not that bad.

Hell, I need a translation to watch Flying Circus sometimes :)
Caleb, they changed quite a few words and from what I've heard, some scenes are actually slightly different.

I grew up in the U.S. reading the Narnia books, some of Enid Blyton, and plenty of other children's literature from the U.K. None of the versions I read were altered and I am so grateful for that. I learned lots of British expressions and words that way and feel the richer for it. Nobody translated for me; I had your typical child's elastic/receptive mind and was able to figure out most of what was foreign to me through context and at times, the dictionary. Harry Potter is set in the U.K. and is about British children. The British expressions/words give the story much of its flavor, in my opinion. Seems to me American kids would do well to be exposed to non-American ways of speaking English.

Sorry about the off-topicness of this. I'll stop now.

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Just curious, in Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone movie, what happens whenever the stone is mentioned, do they still say "philosophers", or have they dubbed over it.

Still can't see why they changed the title.
Ahh, I had heard that about the Harry Potter books after I bought the last one and was very annoyed about it. I don't know why they would feel the need to make a, I don't know, "dumbed down" version. I loved the Indian in the Cupboard series and read them to my kids when they were little and part of the fun was the different words for things that we don't use and figuring out what they meant when we were a bit confused by something. It was nice to "visit" another region of the world, made it even more of a fantasy to us.

They, unfortunately, change a lot of things for our kids here when it comes over. A lot of the cartoons/anime are really toned down because they think they are too violent (even though it's okay to show all the violence on the news and the many "news breaks" to tell us what's coming on the news. Also, can't have any gay characters either!! Might corrupt our children and turn them gay!

Back on topic. It sucks that we can't order the Angel CD here. Guess what Fox! There are a lot of fans on this side of the pond too! And yeah, having it be released on Feb. 14 is a very painful reminder of what the WB did to us last year. Who here can truly ever enjoy Valentines day again?!!?

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" Just curious, in Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone movie, what happens whenever the stone is mentioned, do they still say "philosophers", or have they dubbed over it."

To my best recollection, they've dubbed over the Rowling's original "philosopher's" with "sorcerer's." God forbid that American kids should be exposed to a high-falutin' term. You know, one that actually makes sense in the context of the story.

With you on dark Valentine's Day associations, FFlan.
phlebotinin, I've really been agreeing with just about everything you've posted in the last three threads I've been in! I do that a lot with acp, and Rogue Slayer more often than not, and blwessels (sorry, Firefly Flanatic ;)) and I are about 75/25, but we just shake each other's figurative hands, bow, and go to our prospective corners, 'cause we're friends here and we like each other.

The reason I'm posting this is that there's just a minor point I disagree with you here. I think that Sorcerer is just as challenging a word for a child as Philosopher. I have to admit though, even reading all the press for these books, I hadn't known that they changed it for American kids. And yes, that really sucks. Like we aren't 'bright' enough to catch the meanings? Oy. And just plain why? I don't get it.

Look at Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little. Look how long ago those classics were written. We barely even speak like that any more. When my middle boy was younger I'd do a 'you read, I read' chapter thing with him on CW and SL. We had no problem getting the meaning of what these books were saying.

Its part of the charm of the printed page, to get a different vibe, to 'feel' the book as something altogether different from tv, music, movies, or any other media that we are bombarded with and force-fed every single day.

I'm really pissed off that they did that with the Potter books. No wonder the rest of the world looks down their collective noses at us. *sheesh*
Willowy, it's an honor to be disagreed with by you!

I agree that "sorcerer" is as challenging a word as "philospher." What I meant (but didn't make at all clear) was the relative sophistication of the term "philospher's stone" compared to "sorcerer's stone." JK Rowling chose "philosopher's stone" carefully to describe, well, the gem that the villain uses to try to defeat Harry. "Philosopher's stone" is an alchemical term referring to a substance that is believed to have the power to transmute baser metals into gold. Or less literally, it's an elusive something that is the key to success. From what I've read, Rowling chose the term carefully and was none too pleased when it was replaced by "sorcerer's stone," which it doesn't have the same historical/magical resonance.

Yes, I know far too much about the Harry Potter books than I should. And I pale in comparison to some people I've met.

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Here's a resource I found about this issue:

I don't know how definitive that is, but it doesn't sound like the word philosopher was too uncommon a word for Americans, but that it maybe has a different connotation in England.

When I hear the word philosopher I think of pompous guys talking about Nietzsche or Ayn Rand, so to me, the change doesn't seem that bad.

Damn, now I'm curious about the English versions of HP. Does anybody know of a good place to buy English copies of Harry Potter, local or overseas?
Willowy, we never disagree - we just try to liven it up for everyone else! My kids loved CW and SL! I miss those days of reading to them! Seeing that they are now 18 and 15, they may get a bit annoyed if I try to sit them on my lap and read to them!
Wow three people posting at once!! Caleb, I agree with you that it could be more of a case that we, in the States that is, think of a philosopher as a stuffy professor or something (my apologies to any stuffy philosopher professors who may be Whedon fans!!). But, I still think we would've been able to figure out the difference when reading the book.

I think you may be able to get copies on Ebay if you type in "British version" maybe? I think you could go to the Canadian Amazon site and buy them there but right now the dollar isn't too strong so it might be better to wait and hope our not so mighty dollar becomes a bit mightier!
Don't know about any "dumbing down" of HP, but I was aware that lexigraphical and syntactic changes had been made for the US version. For the most part, I was led to believe that it was to avoid semantic confusion over words like "torch," "sweets," or "jumper" (or the ever-present "fries/chips/crisps" conundrum) that have distinctly different meanings between the US and UK. If someone wants to set me straight on the purpose and effect of the changes, feel free to do so. I own the British versions, bought and paid for over there, and brought back over here, so I know nothing about the US ones.

Added: Having done a little research, the changes appear to be more far-reaching than I had imagined.
Here's a link
to a particular pedantic reviewer who went through both versions of the first HP book and made a note of the various differences (about halfway down the page).

As FF, phleb, and willowy have all said above, it seems absurd, and patently erroneous, to change language just out of fear that US kids won't get it.

And as for releasing different albums in the two countries, or in this case, not releasing an album at all in the US, well that's a marketing strategy to boggle the mind. (Personally, I'm still not sure why the Beatles' albums were released with different track orders and so on in the States).
I think you could go to the Canadian Amazon site and buy them there

Yes, you can get Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at

Quite a few books are changed by American publishers it seems. The title of Ian Rankin's latest novel has been changed from "Fleshmarket Close" (a real place in Edinburgh) to "Fleshmarket Alley" because it was thought that Americans wouldn't understand what a close was (despite a close not being very much like an alley at all).
Ah, phleb thanks for the clarification! Yes I see what you mean now... and how kind you are with the compliment! Right back atcha...

And FFlan, heh, that is true, hmm? Except for SMG, we hardly ever disagree! ;) And now I'm looking forward to reading those same classics with my baby Willow...what then? When she's too big to hold on my lap? Oh, I don't EVEN want to think about that yet...

SNT, how cool that you snagged the originals...with all the nifty 'verse things being released in England, wish I had a contact there. Seems like the better versions of everything get sent to Europe. What's up with that?

I'm telling Joss! I want the good stuff too!

Right. Like anyone knows or cares in marketing-ville. ;)
Willowy, I still do make my 15 year old sit on my lap sometimes(and she pretends to protest but she still likes to cuddle with her old mom!). She's my baby and I bet your little Willow will always be your baby too! Enjoy her, they grow up way too fast!

SNT - thanks for that link! It was a fun read but I still wish we had been able to have a choice and buy the British version here too if we wanted it (which I would've because I love the authentic feel of it). I didn't find out about ours being different until recently and it really annoyed me.

I loved the bit about the crumpets and English muffins. Now, someone told me once that they don't have English muffins over in England and had never heard of them.

And most of the stuff that was compared, I was familiar with and it was probably because of reading classic books when I was kid.
I used to love the Britishisms in The Chronicles of Narnia and other books I read growing up. Any variations in speech, food, customs and dress that set characters from other countries apart from what I had personally experienced completely fascinated me, beyond what the stories themselves were about. (I'd like to thank the Beatles for turning me into a bona fide Anglophile by the age of 11.)

Changing words, unless they're absolutely confusing to the audience you're trying to reach (i.e. a 'biscuit' would never be understood by native U.S. readers to mean 'English cookie' unless it was explained), seems unnecessary to me. I suppose the American publishing companies buy into something I heard about not too long ago -- that according to many linguists, in 50 years American English and British English will be so different that speakers of one won't understand the other at all -- and are actively seeking to make it happen.

[Edited to add that I agree with eddy. I think there's got to be serious anti-Whedon/BtVS/AtS bias against U.S. fans by some powerful forces at Fox. Even so, I'd gladly throw money at them for a hard-copy version of this soundtrack; not everyone uses a PC, or even wants to download their music off the Net.

Just a little appreciation of how many millions of dollars our flannish devotion has earned for them would be nice....]

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Not that Fox executives deserve any sort of defence, but there is probably music rights issues at work here otherwise if they could make money on US sales they surely would, Fox doesnt strike me as a company that leaves money on the table.
Anyone know if its gonna be released in canada or do i have to order it in?

I haven't seen the Angel CD on the website yet, but I would expect it to show up there.

Cost might be a little less (again, depends on exchange rates); I did the math on the 5th HP book, and the UK site was only slightly more. Also (and I thought this was odd), shipping was faster from the UK than from Canada. (??)

I love Canadians (singly or in a bunch), but I feel that it's a good thing to monetarily encourage a people who have the good taste to cast Alyson Hannigan in a stage production.

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