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January 03 2005

'Mysterious Skin' airing at Sundance. After successful premieres at various international film fests, the dark independent film (co-starring Michelle Trachtenberg) makes its United States debut at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, during January 2005.

By navigating the film and events guide at the above link, one can find the Sundance description of the film by looking it up in the alphabetical directory. To provide an excerpt of their description:

"It takes two artists working at the height of their respective crafts to create the many daring and moving layers that make up Mysterious Skin. The first is author Scott Heim, who wrote the acclaimed novel, and the second, Sundance veteran Gregg Araki, his cinematic devotee, who takes his passionate direction into such exciting new ground that it almost feels like a rediscovery.

It's not that Araki's usual touches for style, musical moods, savage humor, and photographic grace are missing...far from it. Using an imaginative array of tools and a fearless cast (too synchronized in skill to single out), Araki takes unthinkable cruelties and exposes how terrifyingly ordinary they can really be...

In case anyone is lucky enough to attend the film festival, the screening times for 'Mysterious Skin' are as currently listed as follows:

Friday , Jan 28 9:30 PM -- Eccles Theatre
Saturday , Jan 29 11:30 AM -- Library Center Theatre
Saturday , Jan 29 9:30 PM -- Tower Theatre, SLC

Oh, goodie! Something I can see. Thanks for posting this....usually I ignore Sundance, because it's generally an annoying little festival. ;-D
ReeQueen: it's cool that you're near the location where the festival will take place :)

For the local inhabitants I can see why the festival might be a bit annoying -- what with all the hustle and bustle and influx of tourists that the event must bring each and every year :)

Anyway -- if I'm not mistaken, this is your first comment on Whedonesque. If that's the case, then welcome aboard! :)
Why, yes, yes it is. ;-D Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it.

Sundance, though, is more annoying for it's lack of actual quality than for any inconvenience (I live on the "wrong" side of the freeway). It used to be a good springboard for the indie movement, now it's more of a status thing. Just one of those things that has outgrown it's motivating force, to become something up-and-coming actors/directors/producers get involved in for the bonus points.

I'd compare it to "Mickey D's" being something we said in high school, back in the early eighties, which is now used as "urban" marketing for McDonald's. That kind of annoying.

But, I could just be grouchy because it messes up the Tower Theatre weekend Rocky Horror showings.
Ah, I see :) And yep, it's indeed a bit offputting when something with humble grassroots origins is morphed into more of a status symbol.

Though with that being said, it's nice knowing that Gregg Araki was being featured at Sundance as far back as 12 years ago, when the festival was smaller and its original motivating force was more in play.

In that sense, I'm glad that Gregg Araki's films are still being showcased at Sundance -- because he seems to be a veteran of the festival, and a lot of his work has found its audience there. So its cool seeing that tradition continue :)

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