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December 17 2002

(SPOILER) BtVS is the number one network show of 2002 according to TV Gal at Zap2it. The show also came 7th in TV Guide's Top 10 of 2002. (spoilers for BtVS in TV Gal's column).

TV Gal says

"In its seventh season, "Buffy" is still the show I look forward to most each week. It's still the one that surprises me, that bring tears and giggles, that gives me goose bumps, and that offers the most reward for watching (Xander and Buffy's doozy of a fight this season harkened back to the end of season two). "Buffy" also features the best ensemble and most-robbed-of-Emmys cast on television. This season's Big Morphy Bad, who knows the Scoobies and preys on their weaknesses and insecurities, has provided some gut-wrenching moments. Spike smoldering on the cross ... his realization that he was still killing ... Buffy's pledge to help him ... Willow's devastating heartbreak ... . It doesn't get any better than this. Those who have never watched the show continue to miss out".

And Lisa Bernhard, deputy editor at TV Guide, said

"This show has done so well consistently ... really dealing with the angst of young people. It's used humor, drama, it did a musical episode which blew everybody away. So we had to give it credit."

UPN are SO going to want a Season 8. And then Joss will make 'em pick up Firefly. And everything's going to be peachy.
Well life may be even more peachier if the following news is true. There was a post at the weekend on the B C & S Spoiler Board that Ripper was to commence filming in May and Whistler may be in it. The poster described it as Joss's summer project. It's very likely a foiler but you never know.

Cause if there's one character from BtVS that deserves a spin off series, its Giles.
I read that, but it didn't have a ring of authenticity to me. If it's true it would please me no end. I kind of liked Whistler. And it's about time he repaid Giles for raiding his kitchen. And ASH really needs a starring role for once.
This comment is spoiler sensitive re: Giles and tonight's epsiode and a possible Ripper series so you may want to stop reading now if you haven't seen it yet.

I'm thinking Ripper won't happen because Giles is actually dead. I think this because A) the possible beheading thing was never really dealt with and b) did anyone notice that in tonight's Buffy episode (which I saw on monday in Canada) Giles never actually touches anything?

Methinks he's a ghost or manifest spirit.
Even if he's dead they could still do a Ripper series, they could set it in the time he was away from Sunnydale. Remember, BBC series are only 6 or 7 episodes.
Even if he's dead he could still have a Ripper series, sort of like the old "Topper" movies (I love old black & whites); where he is a guiding spirit?
Heh, Joss described the idea as "Cracker with Ghosts". Could be Giles IS the ghost.
Oooooooh! That would be 'brill'!
Aw... Giles can't be dead. Because, well, he just can't. I mean, that's not fair! He's too... too Giles to be dead! Not dead, please. Pretty please. With sugar and a cherry on top.
How about they are all alternate reality Scoobies? Cause that was one odd Rupert Giles we saw last night.
I wonder if Watchers get any psychic/mystical training against attempts to control their minds.
Was it just me, or was the lighting on Giles kind of 'weird'...sort of like the lighting on Patrick Swazey in "Ghost", at the end of the film? Perhaps I was just looking for something, since I had read how ASH was to NOT touch anything?

And low, I love what you said "He's too... too Giles to be dead!" So true. It would be such an inconvenience.
I always think the lighting on him is weird, especially in earlier seasons when they almost always seemed to have a band of (natural) light over his face/eyes.

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