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January 04 2005

Buffy's Dress from "The Freshman" on Ebay This is another Buffy prop from Fox. It is currently $300.00, with
6 bids. 6 Days and 17 hours to go.

And to go with it, Buffys bra:
I don;t know about that bra....but I do love that dress from "The Freshman" too bad its already $ 300 which is about 300 dollars more than I have to spend :)
I could be wrong but doesn't Buffy also wear that dress in Restless?

The photos are crap on my computer but it's the dress with the cherries, right?
Buffy wears a slightly different cherry covered sundress in Restless, Smile_dammit - though I'm pretty sure that both cherry dresses are by designer Betsey Johnson. I once bid on a not-worn-by-SMG version of this dress on eBay; it sold for about $60, which was more than I was willing to pay.
We'd appreciate it if you all did not link to each and every Buffy item that's going to be auctioned on Ebay in future. (Ebay links die after a certain amount of time and they also don't tend to encourage the most fascinating debate.) We've been deleting them and thought that might serve as a hint. If you want, open up an Ebay thread in The Library.

Also, adding full stops after a link helps legibility (look at this post and the one above and you'll notice your first two sentences run into each other.)

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