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January 04 2005

Lorne's Gold Suit from "Not Fade Away" on eBay The item includes the suit coat and pants, and comes with an Official Certificate of Authenticity from Fox.

I'm surprised this is only at $ 36 so far (especially since it's from the finale), but this isn't as utilitarian as other articles of clothing goes. Unless that's your style and if so, more power to ya :)

Already upto $51 now, I imagine that will continue to rise rapidly with all the hits we get on this site :)
Thanks for the post, MySerenity. I just edited the header for length 'cos it seemed a tad redundant.
It doesn't look gold in the episode, or the picture on that page.
More than 6 days to go...I bet it gets into the high hundreds or even higher...
eddy, in the third pic from the ep on the ebay pg you can see the suit from under his jacket.
oh that is something I would like I think!
Please read my comment on Ebay links in the previous thread.
Okay - This seems as good a spot as any to bring this up. A friend gave me a late Christmas present today - and it's a signed photo of JM with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Yes, I do have a cynical side, but I refuse to acknowledge it. I squash my cynicism! Spike touched it! Spike touched it!

Okay, the dork will shut up now.
Angela, embarce the dork-within-you...hold it, love it, cherish it...and kiss the photo (hey, hetero male over here, but not that it matters!)

Enjoy your photo!

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