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January 05 2005

Wesley and Lorne 6" action figure details. The details of Diamond's third series of Angel action figures, Wesley and Lorne, have been announced, including the variant figures to be released.

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Ah! More action figures! This means more creative, usually hilarious, fan posing and storytelling. I used to wonder why an adult would want an action figure. But after seeing versions of Angel and Spike Christmas stories and New Years celebrations, I'm sold.
Must. have. all. Wesleys.

Heh, dying to see pics of the figures, though.
"Parting Gifts" Wesley, will be available only through ToyFare Magazine with the accessories including a crossbow, axe, two motorcycle helmets, and a functioning weapons cabinet.

I must, must, MUST have this! How hilarious. Rogue demon hunter Wesley was awesome.
I just hope they aren't the superposable line, those things are hideous.
All I can say is I will be very disappointed if our poster named Shotgun Wes, doesn't buy Wes with a shotgun!
To Caroline: done. My bad.

These are pretty poseable, having "14-16 points of articulation", but nothing like the super-poseable "deluxe" Buffy and Faith which Diamond are keeping separate from their numbered lines of "normal" figures.
I can't wait to see pictures. I think Lorne would be a perfect addition to my shelf.
It is a long time coming - I need Wes & Lorne to 'beef' up team Angel's shelf - they are sadly lacking atm AND I must get me one of those weapons cabinet!

I need somewhere to put all those extra stakes and axes from the scoobies (along with Ozs' spare hands)
To Passion: Whoo, hoo!!!
I've been waiting a long time to get the Wes action figure with the shotgun.
To The Do That Girl: I feel the same way my Angel shelf is also seriously lacking, all I have is 2 Angels, and a Faith that I think is actually from the Buffy set, but I ordered a Spike a few days ago, collections coming together nicely :)
A Lorne would look great in my Buffy figure display cabinet!

So would Wes, for that matter...

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