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January 05 2005

Seth's series 'Family Guy' comes back to FOX in January. In anticipation of the shows return later this season, FOX will air back-to-back encore episodes on three consecutive Sundays this month at 9pm ET.

Jan. 16 - "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" & "And the Wiener Is..."
Jan. 23 "Death is a Bitch" & "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father ... Brother?"
Jan. 30 "Mr. Saturday Knight" & "Fish Out of Water"

The next question is will they edit the episodes to meet the new standards and practices for the network? They kinda pushed the envelope when they were aired the first time around.

Like every good show, I have discovered "Family Guy" way too late on Adult Swim. Great, funny stuff.

As for the editing, man I hope they don't molest these episodes. When will the madness stop?

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