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December 18 2002

Joss hasn't given up on Firefly. FOX airs the original Pilot turned Finale this Friday, but Joss isn't ready to let Firefly's flame burn out.

Catch the two-hour FOX finale of Firefly this Friday at 8:00pm Eastern time. Three unaired episodes of Firefly have also been made, and even if Joss doesn't find a new network, let's hope we'll get these episodes someday, on DVD or elsewhere.

Hey, I pay a TV licence fee in the UK so Joss if you're listening sell Firefly to the BBC. It kinda worked for Due South.
Wasn't Due South the show with the Canadian mountie? Man that was funny. I wish I coulda seen more of that before it got shot down by network suits, who wouldn't know good storytelling and exceptionally inventive and enjoyable television if it walked up and punched them in the face.

I recall the tv series "First Edition" about a guy who mysteriously got tomorrow's newspaper delivered to his door a day early, giving him a chance to change the future. It was quickly cancelled from the major networks and existed for awhile in syndication. I caught it late at night a few times before it disappeared altogether. Hilarious.

Then there's "Strange Luck" and "VR-5" both of which were great shows that got shot down before their time. I've seen only a few episodes of Firefly, having to make a point to catch them despite the fact the Friday timeslot made it difficult for me to catch the show. I felt it had potential and needs more time to find its footing. It hasn't hit the ground running, but if anyone went back and watched the first season episodes of a tv comedy like "Night Court" they'd see that early on even the most successful shows need at least a year to get their bearings and figure out where they're going. "Star Trek Next Generation" didn't really get good until late in the first season when they re-introduced the Romulans.

I will say this much for "Firefly." The understated, subtle interpretation of Shepherd by Ron Glass might be some of the most real and heartfelt acting he's ever done. And Adam Baldwin's comic timing was brilliant. I hope Whedon finds another home, because the show had something to say. It just didn't have a chance to find its audience.

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