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January 07 2005

'Ice Princess' poster available for viewing. In anticipation of its March 18th premiere, it seems Disney has now released the promotional poster for Michelle Trachtenberg's family-friendly ice-skating flick.

[grins] -- Seeing this poster reminded me of something said here on Whedonesque. i.e., somewhere back in the archives, someone noted that when Hollywood wants a pretty person to play an 'ugly duckling' they tend to stick them with a pair of thick-rimmed oversized glasses. Well, on the left-side of the poster, the more awkward incarnation of Michelle's character has indeed been pictured with big thick glasses resting on the top of her head. So whoever made that comment spoke some rather prophetic words :)

But anyway, I think it's a decently cute poster and hopefully it'll attract the attention of its target audience.
For those who are interested, a much bigger version of the poster is also located at this link.

And the trailer for the movie is now available in higher-quality versions (over at this link). It seems Disney has also been playing the trailer in theatres at the start of some rather high-profile kids movies.

If this poster is plastered everywhere it should raise her profile considerably. And as long as she does the 'Safe Movie' alternating with the 'edgy movie' she should have a decent future, she's tieing with SMG at the moment for "Best Post BtVS Career" award.
I actually saw the preview to this movie, and it made me want to see it. Phantom of the Operah had good previews. lol

I was sitting in the theatre with my two roommates and they both leaned over and were like, "she looks familiar."

I was like, "That's Dawn."

There was a collective "Dawnie!" As the people around us looked like we were insane.

I tell you, nobody watches good TV shows nowadays...
I didn't think the poster gave an ugly duckling/swan vibe, but more of a 'high school student by day/ice princess by night' vibe.
Taking the opportunity to say: I have just purchased the BtVS DVDs and last night I saw the panel discussion at the TV Academy for the first time. I was really impressed by MT, who could not have been more than 16 or 17 at the time. She was the most poised of the actors yet wasn't shy to tell JW exactly what she wanted for her character in S7. Are we sure she isn't SMG's sister in real life????
WWBD: I agree that the poster doesn't necessarily give off an ugly duckling/swan vibe :) What I was more alluding to was the official description that Disney used to give for the movie. Specifically where they say -- "A high-school ugly duckling transforms into a swan in Walt Disney Pictures' Ice Princess."

The funny thing is that the supposed 'ugly ducklings' in these type films are usually quite obviously pretty girls -- but before they make their transformation into a swan, they're often saddled with exaggeratedly big thick glasses that supposedly make them all plain :) Take for example Anne Hathaway in 'The Princess Diaries' or Rachel Leigh Cook in 'She's All That'. It's like a Hollywood tradition that oversized glasses are the accoutrement of choice for showing a pretty girl as a supposed 'ugly duckling'. So when those type of glasses showed up in the 'Ice Princess' poster, I couldn't help but ironically smile to myself :)

Regarding that Academy of Television Arts and Sciences event: I agree that MT acquitted herself quite nicely. I remember reading a first-hand fan-report from the event, that shared in the praise for Michelle. The attendee noted how MT came across as really poised and mature, and says that in person she has an 'ineffable star quality'. The report also notes that Michelle was really sweet and was a total darling when signing autographs for the fans in attendance. It also discusses the other cast-members who were in attendance and has nice things to say about them -- it's a rather good read :)

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Thanks, Inverse
That film from the ATAS event is my favourite extra on the DVD's, if they could resolve the rights issues they should do such things from convention Q&A's as well.

For the future 'all inclusive Buffy/Angel super fan box' of course.
It must be just me imagining things but that DVD feature came across very differently to me. I like MT, but she seemed annoying, like to the actual actors and panel in general. It felt like she was trying to prove something.
Ok I think I just had that moment where I saw something in someone else that I dislike about myself. Ignore everything I just said.

Inverse, about the glasses thing, at least she doesn't have her hair tied up in the glasses shot, like the "She's All That" thing.

Good poster, has a "Freaky Friday" feel, was that a Disney movie?
buffbuff: Now that you mention it, the poster is indeed quite reminiscent of the one that was used for Freaky Friday -- the way there's a division of color down the middle, as well as contrasting characters on each side. And yep -- from what I recall, 'Freaky Friday' was also made by Disney :)
Oh, and since I forgot to say it -- you're quite welcome, jpr -- and like you, I also thought that was a cool DVD featurette to include on the boxsets :)
I like it.

"she's tieing with SMG at the moment for "Best Post BtVS Career" award."

I´m agree with you, zz9.
Thanks Angela. Though she hasn't had the $100M+ hit that The Grudge was Ice Princess will be the third movie of hers to come out since BtVS ended, and showing a range of genres and roles. Not bad going.

From the panel report:
Michelle commented that she hoped she wouldn’t keep getting hate mail about her character.
This is my pet peeve. Every time I see comments from people (not on Whedonesque) about hating Michelle because "Dawn is so whiney" I want to slap them and say "It's a script! Actors act from a script!".
I know MT has been in the business most of her life and knows the score but to hear that a sixteen year old girl gets hate mail, for doing an excellent and convincing job on screen, really pisses me off.

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