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"You give it up for the Yorkie?"
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January 08 2005

Vote James for "Hottest Kisser"! Don't click on Spike...James Marsters is two pics under him.

Too bad I can’t do a “reality” test before voting (for James, of course).

Hum-m-m, there might be some oil involved....
James is currently in the lead. But Homer Simpson is 4th - what does that say about German tastes?
OK - I voted for James but the picture of Jame's lips doesn't look as good as the picture of Spike's lips - go figure!

James was in the lead 28%
Spike was a close second 24%
Chris Noth has 1% but out of all the pictures his lips look the worst, I think Homer's look better!

I don't speak German at all - why do they list both Spike and James?
Well - if you compare the eight pictures on the top with the eight lip pictures, you'll see that "Spike" doesn't refer to "our" Spike. The lip pic says: Spike (Abschlussklasse 2005). It seems to be the name of that one young guy in the top row - the one I don't recognize - and I guess he is in a show named "Abschlussklasse (whew!) 2005."
Ahh. Thanks sari for the explanation.
And once again, for those of us who don't use Explorer, you may or may not even be able to see the picture of James. I couldn't in Opera, and had to reload 3 times in Firefox to get it to show enough so that I could vote. Sheesh
Had no problem with Firefox here
Me, either. My trouble was that JM's lips didn't look that great to me in a non-context picture!
I also use Firefox and had no problems.
James is leading (35%), as he should be - such a great Cary Grant chin!
hey my vote he had the 36%
Excellent, nixygirl!
your welcome showgirl ;-)
Firefoxes unite! :-) I had no idea we were this many. I didn't have any problems with the site.

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