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January 08 2005

Strange things wash up on the Jersey Shore. An interview with Marti Noxon concerning "Point Pleasant". (reg. req.)

Best of luck to her. Marti is amazing, she's a trooper. If I can be half as talented and sucessful and intelligent as her I'll die a happy woman.

And the fact that a Buffy writer is doing something abit Twin-Peaksy is just a bonus!
What a sharp observation about how reality TV's greatest strength (I'm exaggerating for effect here, folks) is what was missing in scripted drama. When you recognize that, Marti says, then you begin to see the possibilities in scripted drama -- and maybe it's in for a renaissance! My rosy interpretation, BTW.

Anyway, Marti has an unerring eye, if you ask me. And darn it, she's married. Well, I'll just have to wait . . . waiting now . . .

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Apart from not knowing what a "sen-man" is, that was one of the most forthright and honest interviews I've read in ages. Very enjoyable and makes a refreshing change from the usual bland fare I read about TV shows.
"Sen-man" is shorthand for "sensitive man"--it was obvious in context, but maybe only to another woman ;-) You know--a guy who understands "what women need." Ah yes, Joss--the man who majored in Women's Studies.

And very fine interview with Marti, one of the most under-appreciated BtVS writers/producers. I've never been a CSI fan, so I can't wait for Point Pleasant to give me an alternative.
Marti is such an amazing woman. I can't wait to see what she does with Point Pleasant. What a wonderful interview!
Faith, it's "down the shore", not "on the shore"!

And, concur with all the positive sentiments about Marti, underwear or not.
Although being a Jersey native, I'm sort of kind of miffed that the show is being shot in Southern California. What - they couldn't film a few exteriors on location? The East and West coasts have absolutely nothing in common.
Can't wait to watch the series.

Mods, Just wondering, are we going to be allowed to cover this series as extensively as we did with links linked to Wonderfalls in Whedonesque. Cause Wonderfalls was a amazing entertaining and funny show not by ME , but produced by one of the finest ME people.

Cause by the time the next few weeks come by, I guess there'll be lots of new news about Point Pleasant around the net.
Adding Point Pleasant as a Whedonesque category will probably doom it to failure like it did for Wonderfalls.

What we'll do is the same as we did for Lost i.e. discuss the first episode on the main page and then in subsequent weeks the episodes will be discussed over at Flickr. Articles comparing the show to BtVs will probably be allowed but we don't want overkill. Also interviews with Ms Noxon and any other former Mutant Enemy staff on the show (Ben Edlund?) will be perfectly valid.
My concern is: haven't the ME people learned not to play with Fox by now? They're bound to get their hearts broken. Again. Not that I won't watch, but my watching doesn't appear to do any good (Wonderfalls, Firefly, even non-ME-related shows such as Futurama, and I'm sure next will be House).

Pessimistically yours....
haven't the ME people learned not to play with Fox by now?

Marti has a development deal with 20th. She's under contract to develop for them. Tim Minear has a similar deal.
Marti hooked me with this interview. I'll be tuning in to Point Pleasant, something I hadn't planned on doing prior to reading this article. What a woman!
That lovely photo of Marti is in the print edition of the NY Times, too...this is great publicity for her show. Let's hope for the best.
The Still Life premise is being used in a movie.
I read the same plot a few days ago.

Great interview.
Great interview. So often interviews are just "oh, it was great, blah, blah, blah" but here whent into detail and more personal stuff.

Simon, is Ben Edlund working on this show too??
Marti has a development deal with 20th. She's under contract to develop for them. Tim Minear has a similar deal.

Thanks, Allyson. That's a shame, though. I guess it's a matter of how much heartbreak a person can take. ;-D

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