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January 09 2005

Stuntman Thom Williams talks briefly about an experience on "Angel" and comments that James Marsters is "the nicest guy." (reg. req.)

could you possibly post the article so I don't have to join?
I would really appreciate it
Sorry, I didn't realize it was registration required since I was already logged in. Anyone who doesn't want to register can sign in with username: and password: dushku.
James really must be a great guy. I've read so many comments like this.
thank you Faith!
I enjoyed reading that...
it was an interesting article, and I'm happy to know that JM thinks of others.
Thank you, Faith, for the access. Yay for JM!
Thanks for the access Faith. An interesting read!
Much appreciated.
I don’t think Joss would have made Spike a regular and central character, then moved him to Angel after the final season of Buffy, if the actor bringing him to life (so to speak) was difficult, demanding, uncooperative, or unpleasant. So, I assumed James was as professional as he is talented. This interview, along with other references to James’ character (as opposed to Spike’s), extends that image to “really nice guy” - how delightful!
Thank you, Faith.
I'll look out for this guy's name in future.
wow...that was really kool faith
thanx heaps mate..

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