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January 09 2005

New FOX drama "Point Pleasant" raises eyebrows in real-life Jersey shore namesake. Article includes a few new quotes from Marti Noxon about the series.

"Point Pleasant" is a great name for a show. It gives the feel of something really good (and dare I say "pleasant") and since its a ME writer's show, you know the show will involve occultish chaos and occurances. Its got the same feel as Sunnydale being the home of the hellmouth. The fact that people think this show is going to sully the good image of their town is a little ridiculous. If Marti created a show called "East Greenwich" (although the name is really boring...), I'd be ecstatic! Its just the name of the show, since its not even taped in Point Pleasant, it shouldn't cause PP residents to get into a huff and a puff.
I love that the Mayor wants a role on the show. Thats too funny IMO.
Point Pleasant is a perfect title.
Yes, that about the Mayor is sooooo funny :D

If the show starts with litle controversy, great publicity :p
Love the title and idea, and I have great confidence in Marti. Point Pleasant is a cute town, I hope the show does well and they decide to film here in NJ. I live only 20-30 minutes from PP.

For the first time in my life I wish I was the gift shop manager at Jenkinson's Aquarium :)
I am actually excited about this show. Even better its on fox. I hope the mayor gets on, maybe even some Buffy/Angel alumni.
I want Henry Groener to have a role on the show!

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