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January 10 2005

SMG and The Grudge mentioned in Interview with the stars of Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg tells us why SMG makes him cry.

We see him pray to Buffy in one episode of Spaced, in another episode he wakes up in a lather of sweat calling out her name and now he tells us how he wants to stalk her...I think he's a fan!

Great interview - and be sure to read both parts.

I've said it before and, doubtless, I'll say it again many times: Spaced is a *really* good show people. As Simon and Edgar said at ComicCon, "it's a show written by geeks, for geeks." No higher praise . . .

('Course the fact that it's set where I grew up in North London may demonstrate a little bias, but try to catch an episode, and just feel the Buffy - and other fandom - love. It's the only DVD other than those from Whedonland that I delight in watching again and again.)
Hey, I'm from a little village outside of Uppsala, Sweden, and I think Spaced is the best comedy show ever. It's for geeks everywhere.
I loved 'Shaun', but never saw Spaced, except for the bit they showed at the comicon. That was hilarious though. But then I've always loved british humor and sitcoms. (And the guys themselves were pretty funny at their panel too!)

Gotta see if I can get it now, if only for the Buffy reference moments they mention here.
Shaun of the Dead was the best movie I saw last year. It was really like the one film I've always dreamed of seeing. Simon Pegg is a pretty neat guy.

I just recently was lucky enough to get both seasons of Spaced, and it's now one of my favorite shows. I've watched every episode a few times, and I identify with and enjoy it just as much as I do Buffy or Angel. Edgar Wright is a talented director.

And that Nick Frost is dreamy. I want to grow up to be just like him.
I've been thinking about giving Shaun of the Dead a watch. After reading the interviews and comments here, it's now a sure thing. And must give Spaced a watch as well. That region free player was a wise purchase, I've been ordering more DVDs from the UK than the US as of late.
Spaced is pure genius

And Simon is definitely a big BTVS fan
I haven't seen Spaced yet but I know I will love it if it's anything like Shaun of the Dead which was hilarious, and anything with references to Buffy (or Buffy fandom) is a bonus! my fav show EVER other than Buff and Angel....and's up there with them!!!
Simon and Nick..what can I say I love them...and Jess...
it was only shown once here in Oz...and I got the DVD's off ebay...but am going to repurchase the 3 disc box set....because it has a whole DVD of just extras!
and Shaun....was the best cinema experience of my life!
We screamed...we laughed..we cried...we even started doing Peter Serafinowicz "Fran" voice from Black Books...which funnily enuff..Simon does on the commentary of Shaun!
heh heh...
anyways I could harp on all day about how much I love these guys....
Fried Gold...
oh wouldn't it be awesome if Joss worked with them!!!
sigh...a girl can dream...
Uppsala! I grew up there.....I also lived 4 years in Knivsta...
I loved Spaced, and it's great when any other TV show mentions Buffy. I liked when Tim was trying to cheer Brian up and said to him (about Twist) "She's like Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and latterly Angel, the spinoff series which is set in LA".

As soon as I see that box set for under 15 I'll be buying Spaced for a 3rd time.

Still clinging to hope for a 3rd season, had given up hope till I read a bit at Spaced-Out that says that they still think about doing it. Kind of a downer that there's currently only one scene written.

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Wow I need to see Spaced, if it's up there with BtVS and Angel
And I thought I was the only one to regularly try out my "Fran" voice! (The conclusion of that particular episode of Black Books still makes me blush...the fact that Fran's duvet cover was up to her shoulders made it funnier still..)

And yes, Spaced is excellent; the first series being perhaps the best, I think. Well worth the DVD shipping costs.
Spaced is absolutely fantastic and one of my top five of all time. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and do whatever is necessary to see it.
Never even heard of Spaced. What's it about?
Willowy: Spaced is the life and loves and zany fanboy behavior of a small group of residents of a house in Tufnell Park, North London. Simple descriptions wouldn't do it justice; it's the style and acting that bring it to life. Think "Friends", but set in North London, with brilliant scripts, excellent direction, good acting, real-life situations, and actual jokes. Check out the website, Spaced Out, linked in Ghost Spike's post above.

I would add the proviso, for Whedon fans, that Spaced is minimalist in its approach, being confined largely to the house that is shared by the main protagonists. Don't expect the sweeping themes of BtVS or AtS or FF; what Spaced does beautifully is render life and work and love for a bunch of 20-something slackers in a very particular place and time, and its genius is in its characters and their relationships. (Plus the brilliant direction and editing and soundtrack . . . ). And I think it's a lot funnier than Shaun of the Dead, which I found just a touch flat.

As the interview says, Spaced is only available on DVD in R2-format, so region-free (or, in my case, laptop) viewing only unfortunately.
Okay. I have 3 DVD players in my house. All R1. Sigh.

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It's a "sit-com" about 2 flat-mates Tim (played by Simon Pegg) and Daisy (Jessica Stevenson), who are pretending to be a professional couple, and their friends. It's filled with lots of pop culture references and is very funny though I guess it helps to be a geek about such things :) It's the only uk series I own on dvd and IMO definately worth watching. However don't be fooled by people saying it's up there with Buffy and Angel it's a completely different kind of show (I'm not saying qualitywise it's not comparable, just liking one doesn't necessarily mean you'll like the other. I've never found anyone who hasn't though)

EDIT: oops SNT beat me to it. I will add that I agree it's much better than Shaun IMHO

[ edited by Paul_Rocks on 2005-01-11 01:40 ]
In my experience DVD players are easilly made region free (even dirt cheap ones), we've had 5 different DVD players in our house and only one of them can still only play Region 2 discs. If you have a region 1 player and that's what's stopping you seeing the show, search on yahoo for a "region free hack" for your player, chances are good that you'll find one (and it could possibly just be as simple as punching in a code).
Wow, thanks SNT and Paul_Rocks! From what you all say, I'm really missing out. How could I have not heard of this? "Beautifully rendered?" "Brilliant?" "Genius?"

Looks like I've gotsta get me some Spaced. And thank you Ghost Spike for the hint on the dvd hacking. I think that just may enrich my viewing pleasure considerably!
Willowy, 'Spaced' is also in the PAL video format. If your TV is NTSC only, they won't play very well. If you google "region free DVD player", you'll find several retailers. Most of them also sale PAL-to-NTSC video converters that are priced within reason.
Paul-Rocks / SNT - IS Spaced anything like "This Life"? That's Another British series about a group of young professionals sharing a house together. I loved it when I saw it in the late nineties (probably because it somewhat reflected my life at the time).
"Do you want me to Come Fran, I'll come...shall I come Fran!!"
ok it's a Black books ref but still......
I'm sooo blissed to see all these Spaced fans on here!!
I am a skulker on the spaced out board too....
but's not like Buff or Angel at's def aimed at ppl who are fans....and all the refs to Star Wars...(esp as Peter Serafinowicz actually IS the voice of Darth Maul)... just there are that many refs you usually miss them all...good thing they have the Homage-O-Meter on the scond season DVD...
I get a little buzz everytime I see Angel TV Series come up on it!
It doesn't have a laugh track either thank God....
so love it!!!!
Next time someone catches Willowy, would you mention the PAL thing with 'Spaced'? I just want her aware of a possible problem before she spends money. Thanks.
Thank you, Madhatter! I appreciate that muchly...
WWBD: This Life is the one about the ever-shagging young lawyers, isn't it? Ahh . . . *drifts off into reveries*

Never seen it. But I believe that was more of a straight drama, whereas Spaced has dramatic moments but is played out and out for laughs. Maybe someone who has seen both can provide a proper comparison.
I actually just received my dispatch from Amazon UK not long ago with Black Books in it and will be watching it soon. While Spaced is only available R2 and the R1 release has apparently been dropped, it is possible to watch it in the US with either a region free player (many of them have PAL to NTSC converters onboard actually nowadays) or through various utilities in conjunction with a firmware flash for pc dvd-rom drives. I do have to agree with SNT and others that Spaced is funnier than Shaun. The team of Pegg/Stevenson is one of the funniest EVER. RUN don't walk (figuratively) and get this series. While it is nothing like Angel/Buffy it is without a doubt one of the funniest shows ever put to film.

While trying to describe it I would say think Scrubs also in the fluidity and flair of the directing and the little asides. There are many instances of characters' trains of thought becoming 15 second segments before returning to the main narrative which I dig in a big way. After purchasing my copy R2 I was able to rip it and re-burn it back to a new disc that allows me to play it in my regular dvd player. I DO NOT advocate this for discs you do not own, these people deserve our support in every way.

Looking forward to the new movie they are working on.

SNT-- Grats again on being blue :)

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Paul-Rocks / SNT - IS Spaced anything like "This Life"? That's Another British series about a group of young professionals sharing a house together. I loved it when I saw it in the late nineties (probably because it somewhat reflected my life at the time).

Not really alike, though both top quality tv. Yes SNT this Life is the one about the ever-shagging young lawyers and very good it was too. Spaced is much more surreal and comedic with far less drug taking and sex/nudity :) I will happily recommend both however as This Life is one of the best uk dramas of the 90's.
I think when I sit down and watch's almost like just going to hang out with my old friends...where ya say the same jokes and one liners....
it's a bit like Monty Python in that way (altho it's realy nothing like MP)'s just that I can quote it verbatem!
Daisy - We're just mates, we're chums
Tim - Get Off me you Bummer!!!!
oh and zeitgeist are gonna LOVE Black Books
excellent =) might queue it up tonight -- oh you know what I forgot to mention? series 2 ep 4 where tim prays to his buffy poster LOL... and he compares Twist to Cordy in ep 6.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-01-13 03:36 ]
I do so love those bits...had to watch all of season one again last night from talking about it on here!
also for those wanting region free DVDs??
I just bought a new DVD player today and found a 'crack' for it so it can play all my R2 DVD's at
kinda rocks!!!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-01-14 10:57 ]
watched the first three eps of black books and I love it :) Playing R2 won't be a problem when I move my HTPC to the living room. :) Good ol' mythtv ( along with a region free dvdrom. sadly my sony dvps550d does not have a reliable easy code that will open it up.

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