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January 10 2005

Famke Janssen comments on Joss Whedon X-Men 3 rumour. In a Zap2it interview, the actress who played Phoenix in the first two movies says "I've heard from pretty good sources that he may take it over". Whereas Latino Review quotes her as saying "I haven't heard those rumors, but I don't think that's going to happen".

Same press tour, two contradictory statements. Gotta love it.

I'm inclined to believe the Zap2it interview more than Latino Reivew. But isn't anyone else bored with the constant 'yessing' and 'noing' going on?

I just want to know when I can audition for new characters...
Well it becomes indeed more funny when opposing quotes are ascribed to one and the same person around the same time. Will the real Famke please stand up? Hah...

I do agree the Latino article has the strongest 'feel' of being shall we say, dubious, although I could be wrong of course. Then again, Zapit says 'it's unclear whether or not Singer will direct' where I thought it was pretty darn certain he's not going to. But in another 'then again' they don't claim that Famke said that. Ah who knows.

Yes. Tired. Offer it to Joss already. Or don't. If you do, Joss will want to write it. Agree with that. Or don't. With the speed these people work at, it's amazing movies actually still come out. I was lucky enough to be at the Kerry fundraiser and asked Joss in person (Right after he said it wasn't gonna happen) and he said to me that he thought about it but that ultimately, it was 'someone else's baby'. Which means of course, he'd want to do it in his way/vision, whereas the studio would probably like him to kind of stick to the style that the franchise had already been established in.

Still, if they DO offer it, and the agree with him writing his own script....Still not so sure he would say 'no'. I do believe his 'X-Love' runs deep. (wow that sounds dirty somehow...) Or did he get that out of his system already with the comics?? Don't suppose the man himself would happen to be lurking right now....?

Anyway, always a pleasure to see/hear from Famke. Not that many of us dutch folk here in the US ya know. And apart from Jeroen Krabbe and Ruter Hauer, not that many that made it into movies. Uhm...just her actually I think.

(BTW I remember Joss saying once in an interview that he thought Famke was great and/or had great potential. After seeing 'Deep Rising' I believe.)
And to quote from yet another Hide and Seek press tour interview with her, this time from IESB:

Q: Has Joss Whedon's name still been thrown out there as one of the possible directors?

FJ: It's been thrown out there but I'm not sure how real that is.

It could be the case that the press tour occurred a couple of months ago which would mean that anything Ms Jannsen does have to say would be out of date.

Either way, it's not the first time she talked about Joss and X Men 3.
Thanks for including that link, Simon, I thought she was interviewed before. As for this rumor, I believe it has been circulating the internet for so long, it's building a life of its own. In other words, people keep adding bits and pieces which cause others to include their 'sources'. Reading between the lines, it appears to me that nothing has yet to be written in stone for this movie. I think the situation is the same as it has been for the past several months. Joss' name is in the hat with several other possible directors. And I think he would do if he is asked. But, I've a gut feeling they won't go that way.
Well, she's more positive this time around, so I guess that's a good sign if they really are considering Joss and he's considering it. But I'm not gonna ponder this anymore until I hear from the man himself that it's a go.
Oh boy, the rumor mill again. I'm with sasja. While I would absolutely love for Joss to do X3, I'm not going to give this rumor anymore thought until Joss says he's doing it.
The last thing I heard that I would consider 'definitive' was Joss' comment at High Stakes, and for now I'm sticking with that. His name was being bandied(sp?) around well before that with tons of speculation, and he'd never even been asked. This could just be more of the same. As much as I'd like to see him take over the X-Men movie(s), I'm not going to get my hopes up until *he* says something, which I have a feeling won't happen unless something is down in ink.
I just gotta say: Way to code your post, Simon! That looks so cool!!
On a completely different topic but still related, I just read that Hugh Jackman is producing X3 and the Wolverine spin off. I guess that means its a definite he's part of these movies?
It's part of the standard stylesheet. Just put a 'div style= quote' tag around your text if you want to use it. I tweaked the style a little today.
I need Famke to come back. Jean Grey, and the Phoenix saga are my favourites.
Come on producers, thatīs Joss material!

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