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January 10 2005's Top 11 Vampire Hunters. Faith and Buffy are in the top five.

Ew. Hell, a third of Faith or Buffy could kick Van Helsing's ass. That movie was the suck. I never watched Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter but I have faith (hey, a pun!) in Buffy and Faith (faith that they are better than him that is.)
Peter Cushing was the perfect Van Hesling. I watched the Hugh Jackman movie for the first time on Friday night, it was better than I expected it to be but that's not saying much.
It might be just me, but if I think of van Helsing, I think of the character from Dracula (the book by Bram Stoker), not the movie character (which could be, because I actually didn't see the movie :-). In that sense van Helsing is probably one of the first (modern) vampire hunters, and hence deserves a high spot in this list.

In retrospect, they spelled Van Helsing, with capital V, so perhaps thsy indeed refer to the movie character, which I know nothing about.
I wonder how people rate these types of lists. What goes into consideration? Sucess in pop culture? Strength? Beleiveability? Cult status? Character strengths and weaknesses?

Because Buffy killed a vampire that she was in love with! She tried to kill Faith to save him! Really, she had an impossibly tough life anyway without the additional duties of being chosen to kill vampires. Van Helsing wanted to and had the support of the vatican and the public, something that could've been handy in Buffy and Faiths cases.

I am only familiar with the recent film's portrayal of Van Helsing however, but there's no way he's better than Buffy, or Faith. And I had no idea Jesus was a slayer!
Based on the description, it looks like they are referring to Van Helsing the character, not the just the recent movie portrayal of him.
If you read all the links they are very clear they are referring to Van Helsing the character (they mention the various actors who portrayed the character). It is confusing because all of the listed items refer to characters in specific instances of film except Van Helsing, which refers to the character in general not a specific portrayal.

I was happy to see Vampire D, Peter Vincent and the Gecko Brothers in the list. George Clooney was his sexiest in Dusk to Dawn. I never saw Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter , but am curious since they put it in the #1 spot.
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter was pretty funny, if you like low-budget culty things. "The second coming is upon us, and Jesus has returned to earth. But before he can get down to the serious business of judging the living and the dead, he has to contend with an army of vampires that can walk in the daylight." Of course.

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it was nice to see Vampire Hunter D in there too.....
but where was Twins Effect???
van helsing definitely deserves his place there. but what about the Frog Brothers from the Lost Boys?
Thanks, Caroline.

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