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"We attack the mayor with hummus."
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January 10 2005

Buffy the Backside Slayer. Nothing like what you are just thinking, but exactly what a girl needs after all the Christmas excess.

‘Angels on Bare Skin’ also sounds tempting, although I would be quite happy with just one Angel and a bar of soap.
For Lush websites for other countries check here

Oh yes. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned before. BSS is one of their best sellers. It's divine!
Oh, I'm pretty sure this HAS been mentioned already.
Not to my knowledge.
I could swear it had been on here before too, but I did a Google search and turned up nada. Lush products are supposed to be utterly fabulous, and this one has always amused me with its clever name.
I bought this for myself and a few close friends (also fans of all things Whedon) over the holidays. It is utterly fabulous, as are the rest of the Lush products. And vegan-friendly to boot.
Surprisingly it hadn’t been mentioned as I did a search through the archives first. This is probably a bit like the Edgar Allan Poe story of the Purloined Letter where the letter is “hidden” in such plain view that it is completely missed by all observers ;-)

I recommend reading Poe by the way if you really really want to be scared.
Lush stuff is very strong-scented - they pump out fragrance into the mall or town centre so you can't miss it. Some of their stuff is a bit sickly for me, but they do have some gorgeous bath products with real flowers and sparkles in them.
Maybe you should change the link to an amazon referral link so whedonesque gets the bucks for referring people to buy it?

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