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December 19 2002

BtVS gets five Golden Satellite television nominations. The ceremony held by the International Press Academy will take place on January 13th, 2003 in Beverly Hills.

If like me you have never heard of the International Press Academy, there's a useful about the IPA section on their website.

In the new media category, BtVS season 2 got nominated for Overall DVD.

And the television nominations are for:

Television Series, Drama
Actress in a Series, Drama (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
Actress in a supporting role in a Series, Drama (Alyson Hannigan)
Actress in a supporting role in a Series, Drama (Emma Caulfield)
Actor in a supporting role in a Series, Drama (James Marsters)

The show faces some stiff competition but hopefully will win something (maybe the Emmy committee will take notice *heh*).

Every major staple of Buffy was nominated but the XanMan. That's some primo Bull****!
good on them! for finally noticing the show

pffft at nic brendon getting an award, he doesn't deserve one for playing the biggest idiot on the small screen
Woot! James Marsters ought to be a shoe in... And my vote goes to Emma Caulfield, but if either of them wins it, I hate to say it would likely be Alyson. Ahh well.
Yeah, but he's still The Man!
Hey I interviewed Emma yesterday and she didn't even know she had been nominated. She was really happy about it but had no clue - it was really cute.

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