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January 11 2005

Ashanti, from Xander's demon date to artist of the month. Ashanti's new album 'Concrete Rose' was just released last month, not to mention she is co-starring in the film 'Coach Carter' which will be in theatres this Friday, so yahoo has made her their artist of the month.

Yuck. Thats one thing I did not want to be reminded of. Can't stand her.
You know, I hated her last year when I thought she was just an overrated back-up singer and now that she actually shows her vocal strengths, I have more respect for her. Still don't like her, but I have more respect.
Still, acting is not her forte. And the fact that she was on Buffy at all, chafes.
Guess I'm a bit more neutral about her, simply because I'd never heard of her before seeing her in First Date, which episode I enjoyed (and actually rewatched tonight), and in which I thought she was decent enough, if far from spectacular. Still never heard her music.
Um...okay..why is this posted up here? She was in one episode of Buffy...that's not really cause to post stuff about her on here.
Tainted Goddess, leave the moderating to the mods, please.
Caroline, I have a history of wording things wrong...I wasn't tryin' to mod...I was just making a point and wondering is all....
I agree with Tainted Goddess. *hides*
I agree as well, but I think that's just because I don't like Ashanti, so don't mind me.
I agree too, but I've probably made my fair share of irrelevant posts too. I just don't think a minor guest should get a link for being Yahoo's artist of the month.

There's definitely a thin line though, like how was it not irrelevant for people to post about John Ritter's death last year (for example), and how it may be irrelevant to post this.

Just my two cents, not trying to moderate or anything.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-01-13 02:15 ]
(I'm not trying to moderate or anything) but see how from little acorns, fairly stunted little oak trees grow . . . now we have engendered a wonderful meta-discussion about the merits of an Ashanti-related link.

And, of course, I was lying above. I am trying to moderate. Enough discussion about whether this link should or should not have been posted already. It has and it is. Thanks.
SNT - was that a meta-discussion about meta-moderating then?
Where is this vile hate coming from people? She is hitting a career peak right now, with an album, a film, and with her increasing popularity perhaps we will find some new converts to the verse. My op - but if your popularity receives a sudden spike and you have ties to the verse, in this case Buffy was her first real acting job, she deserves a shout out for it. There are some who will come across this site because of this post and maybe they have never scene the show and will go out and give it viewing. How many times have you watched an artist and went searching for previous work they have done and it has led you to some other show or musical form you might enjoy. I bet a lot of you have well this is no different and whatever chance we have to get people to just expierence Whedon's work I think it deserves to be mentioned. If as her popularity increases gives us an opportunity to bring more viewers to Joss's world, then I am all for it and welcome the chance to show them the verses. After all Ashanti is one of us, she's a fan of the show and it gave her her real acting break and I think that makes her OK in my book.

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