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January 11 2005

Turning up promo heat for Wonderfalls DVD release. The DVD box set is on the street Feb. 1 and some official and unofficial folks have prepared Web and blog materials for those who want to plug the 'Falls. Link to fan site post.

Since seeing some of the unaired eps on Vision TV here in Canada last fall, I love this show even more. What a talent Caroline Dhavernas is and she deserves to be on TV again as soon as possible. Producers Tim Minear, Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland are to be congratulated.

I wonder if the video will be on the DVD? I don't know when it was made but it has Jaye and her best friend lipsynching to the Wonderfalls theme as though they are 2 big time singers. It is very funny. And Drifter, I agree. Yay,for Vision TV!
So... excited... can't... breathe...
Well Lioness there is a music video listed in the extras for disc 2 and I can't imagine there's another mucis video associated with Wonderfalls so I think you're in luck :)
Im pretty excited about the DVD I missed the last two episodes on Vision because of that Christmas thing. With Homicide coming out in a couple of weeks, and Wonderfalls, Angel and (wait for it) the Greatest American Hero all coming out in February, I might be able to hole up in front of my TV until the snow melts:)
I won't be able to buy the DVD until March but its on my must-buy list.
Greatest American Hero is coming out on DVD!

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air
I never thought I could feel so fre-e-e

I just loved that show. I'm sure it'll stand the test of time. It *will* seem just as good now as it did then! Right? Right? Hello?
Of the four episodes aired, I loved the first and last (fourth), but thought the middle two's plots were somewhat average, despite continuing to love the characters. I was sold on the series after that fourth episode though, that's when I knew I'd stick around for the rest.

I held out on downloading or subscribing to Vision-TV for the rest of the eps, so this DVD release will give me nine new episodes. That's pretty awesome.

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