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January 12 2005

Diamond Select's Darla and Spike wallpapers. Usually official wallpapers are nothing to write home about but these ones are actually pretty decent. And in related news, there's details of how to get a free Spike promo trading card at the Inkworks website.

Simon - in my haste, as I scanned all the article descriptors, I misread this one in a way that caused me to snort corn chips and Coke over the keyboard. See, if you look fast it reads like this '... to get a free Spike porno trading card ...'. My partner is still sitting there, shaking head and muttering.
Hey, catalyst2, Spike porn isn't all bad. (laughing)
Oh it's not that it's bad, more that it was Simon that was pushing it. I mean, he's a mod, walks on water, is without flaw or fault. I mean it's just not ........
Looked alright to me.
I love the quote on the Spike wallpaper from Soul Purpose ... I laugh everytime I see it. It's just priceless!
my 14 yr old has found quite a few photo-shopped rather lude pictures of Spike and Angel online!
actually...some of them are a bit of a giggle!

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