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January 13 2005

Marsters sold out UK tour adds more dates. His appearance at the Fleece in Bristol on Wednesday, April 27 has sold out. So they have added another appearance at the venue on Tuesday April 26.

Was this linked to this site on purpose or did you make a mistake?
Oops, it would have helped had I put the url link in it - wouldn't it. I put the link in now thanks Storyteller.
And why won't he come to the US and tour Michigan...where no one likes to come.
I bet the DC area would work.
I second that, Lizard.
Yes, Rogue, yes! Letís petition Steve Himber - Jamesí manger - to get James to Michigan!
You can go see him in Texas! I hear there are plenty of tickets left!!
I thought seriously about doing that, but the tickets plus travel put it out of my budget. Iíll just have to be content with watching my Buffy and Angel DVDs and listening to his Mad Brilliant CD. Sigh....
New CD shortly, though. Solo. Mmmm.

But seriously, given that all the UK dates are only a couple hundred miles from each other in toto, it's only the equivalent of a tour of California. Michigan would be like, I don't know, Tashkent or at least Warsaw.
Roadrunner, "In Britain a hundred miles is a long way; in America a hundred years is a long time." Leeds and Bristol are a long way apart by Brit standards - and travel time is a lot more than you'd expect.

Perhaps you guys need to make him feel as wanted as we Brits appear to be doing. (chortle)
"In Britain a hundred miles is a long way; in America a hundred years is a long time."

Funny and true for all Europe, I'd assume. It was nothing for me to drive 200 miles to St Louis when I lived in Missouri, but my hubby never visited Amsterdam when he lived in Holland(all of 50 miles from where he lived) because it was 'all the way on the other side' of his country!

And yes, as Eddie Izzard said, we here in America restore our buildings to their natural state of 'nearly 50 years ago!'. :~D
Texas is so very far away though... a nice chunk of money that I don't have. I spent my "spir-of-the-moment-fandom-vacation" money last summer to go see L'arc-en-ciel in Baltimore...
Now I have to find a way to replenish it...
There's a hell of a lot of people crammed into the UK. Lotta fans in that one very concentrated area.

Population density-wise, it's like having one fifth of the entire population of the USA stuffed into an area of land slightly smaller than the state of Oregon.
Rogue Slayer - Now I'm going to have to pull my Eddie Izzard VHS tape out to watch it again and laugh my ass off.

I live in Sacramento and drive to LA quite a bit (where I'm from) and everyone here gets wide-eyed and awestruck about it. "You're driving there! It's so far!".

If I can leave home and get where I'm going without stopping to sleep, it's not far. That's my rule.

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