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January 15 2005

Interview with Angie Hart who with band Splendid, scored "an instant following through their appearances on cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy creator Joss Whedon is the husband of Hart's best friend in LA)." (Reg. Req)

Who is this Josh Whedon fellow?
Good call, didn't notice. Corrected now.
I wasn't sure if you were allowed to correct typo's from the article when quoting, so I just left it as Josh. Come, on! As if anyone here wouldn't know how to spell Joss!
It seems that's actually a quote from the article, though just because they got it wrong doesn't mean we can't point it out, and make the appropriate corrections :)
Aye Whedonesque is "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" or maybe "Eats, Stakes and Leaves".

Anyroad, I didn't want people to get confused between Joss Whedon (our hero) and Josh Whedon (creator of Biffy and Nagel).

Typos in articles irk me. Irk me, I say. Grrrrr.
Lol, no more typo's, I swear. I'll buy the paper version of this article tomorrow and see if that had the same typo, because The Age is a pretty smart paper and they shouldn't call Joss Josh! Anyway...

If anyone's in Melbourne and wants to catch a couple of Frente! gigs this January, they're playing at The Corner Hotel on the 22nd or The Palais on the 29th. For bookings cal (03) 5348 4849. I might take my mum for her birthday. It's a good excuse for me to go to :)

How cool would it be if she decided to play "Blue"! Joss, you should take a break and come down to sunny Melbourne one weekend, I'll be your tour guide! Although if you were going to take a break there's nicer places to visit than Melbourne... I mean, it's the Arts capital of Australia!
Buffbuff - pffft-Arts capital of Australia! Ha, I spit on your arts capital! And, in its place,I offer Joss....umm....the most isolated capital city in the world....wait....ahh, crap Melbourne it is then!
Hey catalyst2, we need to entice him over here somehow! Melbourne may not be as pretty as Perth but it's the continent that counts! You'd fly over to Melbourne wouldn't you? Now if only there was something to offer that was worth all the crazy stalker fans harrasing him on his holiday... no, may not be worth his effort. At least being mega popular would brighten up a gloomy day, just go out in public or say hi on Whedonesque!
(creator of Biffy and Nagel)

Great shows. Loved evil Nagelous.
It seems that's actually a quote from the article, though just because they got it wrong doesn't mean we can't point it out, and make the appropriate corrections

Situations like this really call for something like "Josh Whedon [sic]". While correcting a typo is nice, pointing out the typo and waving it in the author's face is ever so much more satisfying.
So we are the flans of Biffy and evil Nangelous. It’s getting very Tolkien around here. I like it, I shall be growing pointy ears next.

“Josh” by the way is merely the translation of the well know Elvish expression “Joss Whedon is whiter than the white wizard and has a bigger staff” into Whedonish.

Please note, Whedonish should not be confused with speaking in tongues. One is entirely normal, the other…
Buffbuff and Catalyst2, I lived in Perth for 10 yrs, and yes it is the most issolated city in the world. And Melbourne is fantastic...

However if Joss is gonna hit Australia, I think he should come to the heart beat of the country, beautiful Sydney!
I ask you, is there any harbour nicer????
And, the fact I live right near there now just happens to be a coinsidence.

But I will gladly show him the sites, you know, martyr my time for the arts and all.
Hey he can even stay, I have a spare room!
Bring the family Joss, and I hope you like Midnight Oil, I live down the road from Peter Garret, will hook you up.

Sarah Mclahlan, and Kate Bush came to stay last year for a few weeks, so please feel free.

(some portions of this post may contain B.S)
(my spare room, is more like a spare shed; there I said it!)
nixygirl, I agree! Bring him to Sydney! I also live right near Sydney,too - totally coincidental in my agreeance with your point, I'm sure...

At least there's the convention on January 29...Not quite Joss, but Jossverse, at least!
Hey??? What??? Where???
I did not know this!?!?!?!?
Do tell!!!
Well I found the link...
But good Lord they are sure asking for a lot of money just to see Lorne!!
Cause altho I do love Clem...he wasn't a major character.
And I didn't really love Kennedy!
It'd be fun to hook up with other Joss geeks...
And if he was there...well wild horses couldn't stop me...
I'll have to re-think my budget.
It is a tad expensive, but, I'm going to go with the 'fun and worth it' angle - and if you'll be at the Sydney one and looking to hook up with Joss geeks, I'll be there :)
Hey girls you have to let us all know how you went at the Sydney con, maybe we should start a thread in the library. I'll be at the Melbourne con on Sunday, I'm really nervous! Are you supposed to get really dressed up for the cocktail party?

I keep having those anxiety dreams, like I slept in and missed the whole thing, this is scary! My real world and my escapism world are going to collide, this is weird!

I wish I was going to the Sydney one though, the location looks way nicer.

Anyway, good luck, hope you all have a great time!

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