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January 18 2005

'Bad Dog' - a new BBC Buffy ecomic. It's Buffy to the rescue in this story penned by Mutant Enemy writer Doug Petrie.

Liked the story - but then I like usually Doug Petrie's writing - with good 'voice'and pace. The artwork was OK except for the faces - sorry but they were awful. I mean, look at Angel's face p.16, frame 4! Also, what was that thing on her arm on p.6? That was rhetorical because I did know what it was but so badly drawn!

Oh for the sweet days of late S2/S3!
A fun read. Doug Petrie has long been one of my favorite ME writers, so I enjoyed it.
I agree with Catalyst2 on the artwork, though.
Ditto and ditto. Angel looks like he had a nasty encounter with a steamroller facial. Nice quickie story though.
Not too bad, cute little story but the drawings were absolutely horrifying! Good grief! The shot of Buffy's hand reaching for the tranq gun was especially cringe worthy. it wrong that pretty much the only reason I enjoyed this ecomic was bescause Oz was in it? A naked Oz, at that.

LOL, I need help.
On a leash no less. Forget I said that.

I think this comic was included in one of the Dark Horse Buffy comic collections, maybe an Annual or something. Re-reading it, I noticed a major mistake in the art--the bars on Oz's library cage are so far apart that even when he's bigger in his wolf form, four of him could still fit through. Pretty glaring oversight.

I like the art. I was never adamant that the comic book characters look like the actors to a photorealistic degree. Just a different interpretation (for example, a lot of the artists would accentuate on David Boreanaz's strong features like his nose, his jawline, and his brow--and it would recognizably be Angel, but wouldn't look like a super-accurately drawn David Boreanaz).
On the bars thing, that threw me at first too ... but if you look at the bottom left-hand side of the bookcage, you can see the wire mesh. The artist just took some liberty and didn't include it up around the characters' faces. Oz's finger positions also indicate that it's there, just not drawn in.
SIGH...original Scoobies...Buffy and Angel working together...Oz and Willow...normality being overrated...oh the nostalgia.
I love Doug Petrie, got a kick out of the comic, but am a little at a loss as to why Buffy appeared to be wearing the Glove of Myhneghon for awhile there! *g*
It was like a falcon glove, only for a werewolf. She didn't wanna get bit.
I think Flair was just mocking the bad art Willowy :)

I also enjoyed the story but was distracted by some of the, shall we say, not brilliant depictions, the 1st time Buffy had on the "glove" I did have to take a moment to work out what the hell it was :)

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