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January 18 2005

Details on Nicholas Brendon's new film, "Unholy". "Lensing in Northern New Jersey and Queens, New York, the film deals with a grieving mother (Adrienne Barbeau) who uncovers a conspiracy dealing with Nazi witchcraft".

Sounds kind of interesting
Ooh, looking forward to seeing this one!
Yay for Nick getting work. And with Adrienne Barbeau, no less. ;)
Both are great actor/ess. I will defintetly be watching this one!
Let me guess...Nick is the head Nazi.
Never mind. Should've read the article first. Though I'd suppose it could be a twist in the movie.
oh great! I'm glad Nick has a new role he deserves success
I hope this movie won't turn out too cheesy and more like something along the lines of The Gift and Frailty.
There's a film with Nick!?! Oh, it sounds really bad. But Nick!! Oh, I feel so torn.
Hopefully it will be a success but doesn't anyone feel that the description kind of gave the whole movie away?
Storyteller, or Darkness Falls or Valentine or, dare I say it, The Grudge.

Huddled over in the "Conflicted" corner with zandra.
I hope its not like his last movie part (not tv movie) what was the name of that...something Island with Jamie Pressley, that was so awful. Doesnt sound promising but I hope its a success.
YAY!!!!! I'm so happy Nick's going to be in something new - and not just *in*, but *starring in.* I just hope it's good.
I love horror movies, and this sounds ok.
But i think it will be too indie to get a release here.
I am just beyond thrilled about this! *G* Yay for Nick!
Nazi Witchcraft?! It's like the filmmakers went into my brain and extracted my idea of the perfect straight-to-video horror film. I am so going to see this.
I'll see it, but then I'd watch him in just about anything.
Okay, okay...I love the guy so much that maybe I'll actually go to see it...will certainly talk it up among friends and colleagues...but..."straight to video", as noted your name, WindTheFrog!
Thank you, Lizard. I heart Toy Story (that's where "Wind The Frog" comes from for those who might not know).

And it's not guaranteed to go straight to video, but when the executive producer's main credit is producing ZOMBIE HONEYMOON, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a theatrical release. I'm just going to keep praying Nick gets the lead in that Evil Dead remake (if it ever happens).
Nazi witchcraft in Queens and New Jersey? You don't see that every day, do you?

And WindTheFrog, "wind the frog" is pretty much my favorite line in that rather incredibly wonderful movie. So kudos for your taste and style.
Well I actually bought the DVD for Psycho Beach Party yesterday for $10, even though I know I could find it for less and I have it on video, but it has Xander in it, how could I not buy it! So I'll pretty much watch anything with Buffy people, I even hired Scream if You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th or whatever it's called, just for Darla and Jonathon!

I need a life!

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