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"You give it up for the Yorkie?"
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December 21 2002

"You Can't Take the Sky From Me". Thoughts from Tim Minear on the final days of filming Firefly.

Also, Kelly on Thursday posted her final blog on the Firefly Site.

The only saving grace for Firefly fans this week was that the original pilot was finally aired last night. And by all accounts, it was amazing.

That is just brutally sad!!! Thanks for posting the link...
Yeesh, I'm gonna go drink now...
I watched the pilot last night (had it on tape). I am royally pissed at Fox right now. If they had shown that first, I could have gotten my parents hooked on the show. Now all they'll get to see is the 11 ep DVD (that they better gorram put out if the Fox execs know what's good for them).


It's been a bad year for scifi/fantasy shows, hasn't it?
You know they actually completed 14 shows in post so that's one more than most shows get for a first season run (not that the cacelling was a good thing at ALL!) Maybe Joss and Tim can get it sold in syndication like Andromeda. Maybe there's hope yet!

And I totally agree that the pilot would have been so much more dynamic than the first ep. that aired. Damn shame.

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