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January 18 2005

Angel CD at has finally released the full description of the Angel CD. They are taking pre-orders and at a very reasonable price. If you have an Amazon account in the U.S. or any Amazon site, ordering it at is easy. They just use your existing information. At least we have one or two different ways of getting the CD, since it looks like it will not be offered in the U.S. Cheers to!

Interesting... only two pre-existing songs, one used famously and the other pretty much in passing ("Touched" played over an investigation montage in 1.2 Lonely Hearts I believe).

Sounds like we're getting abother great CD that the US market isn't. Sorry guys.
I live in the U.S. so I have a few questions. First, does amazon U.k. deliver to the U.S., and second will this CD play on american cd players or do CDs have regional coding like DVDs? Thanks in advance:)
CDs aren't region-coded (unless they snuck that on in the last year or so since I bought an import...) and Amazon US send to the UK so I don't see why not.
Yes, Amazon UK will send to the US, I've bought from them before.
Hi ShotgunWes - I am in the U.S and says my CD will be delivered on or around Feb. 20th. They charged 3.08 GBP for shipping, which is roughly $5.75 for 5 day air mail. That's not bad. I've gotten CDs from Germany and played them here. I think region encoding is only for DVDs. (I HOPE so anyway.) I don't think there will be a problem. It's worth a try. :0)
Thanks a bunch guys. I think I'll order mine now...
A bit out of my price range for a thing like this, but I can't really resist buying it. Curses!
Wow I thought they said they werent gonna used touched. Its a good thing they do VAST is actually quite amazing.
I agree, after hearing Touched in "Lonely Hearts" I bought BOTH of VAST's albums. "Visual Audio Sensory Theater" is the first and "Music for People" is the second. Oddly enough, I couldn't find them in stores so I bought them from Amazon. I'm going to see if I can find this on a different website thought, because of Amazon's not so good rating on
Is that going to be the cover? Cause a white cover with just the Angel logo is a brilliant idea.

Also I noticed theres a track on there by Chris Beck called "I'm game" I hope thats Angel's hero music from the first episode!!

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I'm happy to see that "A Place Called Home" will be on it. Don't know if I'll be able to listen without getting teary-eyed, though. and the CityOfAngel message boards carry a message from Robert Kral saying that Rounder Records will release the soundtrack in the States. Once it's been properly established that the message does actually come from the Angel composer, the news will be put on the front page.
Woo hoo! Thanks Simon. But I wonder if I should just go ahead and buy the UK version anyway, since there's a very good chance that the soundtrack'll be pared down for the North American release. Hmm...and we'll probably have to wait another 6 months to a year too...Dilemma.

"Touched" by VAST is very worthy of being on the soundtrack (heh, I remember either Kate or Angel making fun of it though, referring to it as cheesy `80s music--which it isn't--or dance music or something). However, I already own the first two VAST albums, so I wish they'd put something else on there.

"A Place Called Home" needed to be on there. Especially since I checked out samples of that artist's other songs and I don't wanna buy her album. "A Place Called Home" seems like the best one on there and a bit of her other stuff gets a little too folksy-Christian-rock for my tastes.
You can get the VAST cd's in stores it just takes alot of tme and alot of stores to find them.

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