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January 19 2005

The Hub Productions' BtVS Convention adds Mark 'Groo' Lutz to its celebrity line-up. He'll join Iyari Limon, Andy Hallet and James C. Leary at the Melbourne and Sydney cons later this month.

Tickets still available!

I dunno if you and me are a minority in this, but I really wish we'd gotten more Groo. Wasn't so big on his initial Pylea appearancs (though I certainly recognized the pretty when I saw it), but when he came to LA I thought he became an interesting and amusing enough character to keep around a bit more. And I have a feeling Mark Lutz had a lot more to offer as an actor, especially evident in that neatly edited goodbye in the Season 3 finale. Not sure if he would've fit in well in Season 4, but he sure could've been a good help to the gang and may've provided an effective death at the hands of possessed-Cordy.
Such utter naivety in such a physically powerful character could have given us a number of good storylines, Kris, so I would definitely be in the 'More Groo too' camp. Not sure it would have worked too well in that very tight S4 arc but who knows?
I think a Groo spin-off or Groo in a spin-off could've been interesting.
Oh my god, I can't beleive I didn't already know about this! I am finally going to be one of you guys now, someone who's been to a convention, got some photos... yay! If i can get a ticket in time...
Buffbuff, this'll be my first one, too - I'll be at the Sydney con and cocktail party.
Wow this is so exciting! I'll be at the Melbourne con and cocktail party, we can have a cocktail with Lorne! I'm a bit nervous though, I don't really know how these things work, if anyone has any good convention advice... but I'm just excited that we can have a couple of drinks with these guys!

Is anyone else here going?
Hey... so are you guys talking about the gig on the 6th and 7th of May in sydney? And if so, would someone mind if I tagged along with them? This'll be my first one of these functions...
Um, aucord, did you notice that this link is from January 2005 -- *not* 2006?
ha! so i didn't... cheers : )

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