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January 19 2005

Christian Kane signs a publishing agreement with EMI. "Christian has spent any time not filming busy writing and recording new songs in Nashville, LA, and even on the set."

I'm such a dork. Got my email from KaneTeamers about 3 hours ago, read it, smiled, and wandered back to the television. Posting it didn't even cross my mind. Bad Whedonesque member. Bad. Bad.
I'm a dork too b/c I don't even understand what a publishing agreement means in this context. Does it mean a 'record deal'? For a layman (or a dork), it sounds like a poetry book.
WWBD, from my understanding, Nashville and Country Music are very songwriting-driven and when given a publishing agreement, it means that the company will pay him for songs he writes and they will be performed by the artists signed to the company. So it's like a record deal, but other people will be performing his songs.
Thanks. Sounds very promising then. And, you know Lindsay really should have thought of songwriting as a career move after leaving W&H, rather than go into the tatoo business.
Don't artists make a lot more on their publishing deals than they do on performing the songs? This area of the business has always been fuzzy to me.

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