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January 19 2005

Angel Soundtrack to be released in the USA. Robert Kral has announced that the soundtrack will be released in the USA after all. The release date is set to coincide with the UK release. Update: Rounder Records has let us know that the release date might be March or later.

I've changed the URL to that of the Bronze Beta. It's the only way of making sure that the news actually did come from Robert Kral (he has a VIP account there).
Well, I'm happy to see this! I was dreading importing it.
He's contradicting what he said just 14 days ago?

"it's a UK release definitely, I've been told it will be several other countries also, and a USA release definitely NOT!

USA will have some kind of online release which irks me no end."

Maybe he's been onto Fox about how he wasn't happy about this, and whatever was causing there not to be a release has been cleared up since then.
There's nothing up on the Rounder Records website yet but I sent them an email to see if they could provide any info about the release.
Edited to fix spelling.
Could someone tell me the release date for the US? I had trouble finding it on the site. Thank you. has a better link for the item, so I've changed the URL over to that. The tentative date for the US release is Feb 14th.
Well it's a happy ending then. Hooray!
Now, let's just hope that the release is of the same CD. The US version of Radio Sunnydale was heavily truncated.
I got a reply from Rounder Records and updated the subject line accordingly. Here's the reply in full:

This is absolutely TRUE! A release date is not yet available, but it might be sometime in March or later.

This is awesome! This is the best news since OMWF
Yay! I always thought Rob Kral's scorework added such an important dimension to the show. Let's hope it's the same CD *digits crossed* but even if it isn't, I'm still happy to buy it if it'll show Fox there's love for Angel in the U.S.
Ah, well -- I'll go cancel my order, then.

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